TAKE NOTE: The content on this page is only relevant for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Education (B.A.(Education), B.Ed. and B.Sc. Kin). Undergraduate students in other Faculties and graduate students should contact their Faculty for the appropriate information.


On this page:

Please do not make travel arrangements to leave Montreal prior to the scheduled end of any examination period.


In accordance with the Charter of Student Rights and subject to the conditions stated therein, students have the right to consult any written submission for which they have received a mark and the right to discuss this submission with the examiner.

The following information pertains to rereads of final exams, final term papers and projects worth at least 25% of the final mark for courses offered by the Faculty of Education:

  • These rereads are administered by the Internships & Student Affairs Office, but conducted by the units involved.
  • Students must apply in writing to their Faculty Student Affairs Office by March 31 for courses in the Fall term, by June 30 for courses in the Winter term, or by September 30 for courses in the Summer term (these deadlines are strictly enforced and no requests will be accepted after these deadlines).
  • Students are assessed a fee for such rereads. It is strongly recommended, but not required, that students consult with the instructor of the course before requesting a reread of a final exam.
  • The reviewer will assess the fairness of the original grade rather than re-mark the assignment as he or she would have graded it.
  • Grades may be lowered or raised, or they may remain the same, as a result of the reread.
  • The grade obtained on the reread takes precedence over the original grade.
  • Only one reread is permitted per term. 

Note: Reassessments and rereads in courses not in the Faculty of Education are subject to the deadlines, rules, and regulations of the particular faculty.

Deferred Exams

Deferred exams from the Fall term will be written during March break (check the exam schedule for details).

If you are unable to write your final exam(s) due to illness or another approved extenuating circumstance (e.g. emergency, etc.), you may be eligible to apply for an exam deferral. In the Faculty of Education, students may be granted deferrals for a maximum of two exams per term. 

Please be prepared to provide supporting documentation (e.g. medical note, etc.) and know that you may be asked to meet with a member of the Internships & Student Affairs Office to discuss your deferral application.

Students with a CGPA close to 2.00 may be refused based on their ability to be in Satisfactory Standing following a deferred exam(s).

**NOTE** Travel plans and employment obligations during the final exam period are not a valid reason for requesting a deferral. 

To qualify, you must submit a request via Minerva within the deferred exam application deadlines. If your request is approved, you will be permitted to write the exam during the next deferred exam period, and a grade of 'L' will display on your unofficial transcript until you write the deferred exam and your final grade is available. 

First Time Deferred Exam Project

Effective Fall 2016, the 'First Time Deferred Exam Pilot Project' allows Education students who request a first time deferral of an exam(s) due to illness or another extenuating circumstance to be granted the deferral without the need for supporting documentation (e.g. a medical note, etc.). Regular deferred exam application deadlines apply. 

Supplemental Exams

Students are eligible to apply for a supplemental exam if they:

  • Are in satisfactory or probationary standing;
  • Received a final grade of D, F, J or U in the course in the most recent exam period.

Note that

  • Special permission is required if a student wishes to write supplementals totalling more than 6 credits;
  • No supplemental examinations are available for students who fail to achieve satisfactory grades in a course with a deferred examination.

How to apply & deadline

  • Students are responsible for applying on Minerva. Choose: Student Menu > Student Records Menu > Supplemental Exam Application. 
  • See www.mcgill.ca/exams for the examination period for fall and winter supplemental exams; as well as application deadlines. 
  • Note that students must avail themselves of this privilege at the time of the next supplemental examination period; no specially arranged supplemental exams are permitted.

Format of the exam

  • The supplemental result may or may not include the same proportion of class work as did the original grade; the instructor will announce the arrangements to be used for the course by the end of the course change period;
  • The format of the supplemental examination (e.g., multiple choice or essay questions) will not necessarily be the same as the format for the final examination, so students should consult the instructor about the format of the supplemental;

Grading and Credit

  • The supplemental result will not erase the grade originally obtained, which is used in calculating the GPA; both the original mark and the supplemental result will be calculated in the CGPA;
  • In courses in which both a supplemental examination and additional work are available, the student may choose the additional work or the examination or both; where both are written, only one supplemental mark will be submitted, reflecting marks for both the supplemental examination and the additional work;
  • Additional credit will not be given for a supplemental exam where the original grade for the course was a D and the student already received credit for the course;

Courses not offered by the Faculty of Education 

  • Supplemental examinations in courses outside the Faculty of Education are subject to the deadlines, rules and regulations of the relevant faculty;



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