TAKE NOTE: The content on this page is only relevant for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Education (B.A.(Education), B.Ed. and B.Sc. Kin). Undergraduate students in other Faculties and graduate students should contact their Faculty for the appropriate information.

Student Affairs Forms

Students with questions about which form to complete should visit the Internships & Student Affairs Office (ISA) in Room #243 or email isa.education [at] mcgill.ca


Take note that many of the forms below require you to submit/upload supporting documentation, to support a request for an academic consideration, such as: missing class/placement/assessment, exam deferral, late course withdrawal, part-time status, leave of absence.

If your request is based for medical reasons and you require supporting documentation from a healthcare provider, the ISA strongly encourages you to download and have your healthcare provider complete our standardized Healthcare Provider - Declaration Form template, and submit it as your supporting documentation.

I need to register or withdraw from a course, after the deadline

Request for Late Course Withdrawal Complete this form to request permission for a late course withdrawal (i.e. after the University Withdrawal with NO Refund Deadline; special/extenuating circumstances must apply).
Late Course Add Request Complete this form to request permission for a course be added to your record after the University Add/Drop Deadline. This type of request requires instructor/department approval (with the exception of EDEC 215 and EDFE courses).

I need to take more than 17 credits (e.g. usually 6+ courses) in one term

Request for Credit Overload

Complete this form to request permission to take more than 17 credits in a term (only for students in Satisfactory standing).

I need to study part-time (fewer than 12 credits in one term)

Request for Permission to Study Part-time Complete this form to request permission to take fewer than 12 credits in a term (part-time status).

I want to transfer to another program at McGill, outside the Faculty of Education

Intent to Transfer Complete this form if you are not following your Education degree plan with the goal of transferring to another program.

I want to leave the University, temporarily or permanently

Request for Leave of Absence

Complete this form to request permission for an official Leave of Absence.
Request for University Withdrawal Complete this form to indicate that you wish to withdraw from the University.
Healthcare Provider - Return to Studies Approval

This form must be completed by your health/mental healthcare provider to support a request for return to studies following medical and/or mental health issues which have necessitated a Leave of Absence, university withdrawal, interruption of studies or challenges with meeting academic obligations.

I need an extension for a course and/or a K Grade Contract, because I cannot complete the required assessments by the assigned deadline(s)

Within the term: If you will need accommodations for a course or courses, such as a small deadline extension, you can coordinate these with the individual course instructors – as long as the deadline does not extend past the end of the term. Grades need to be submitted by your instructor by the end of the term, so you will need to arrange to have all your assessments done by then. This is something you have to individually coordinate with each course/instructor; the ISA Office cannot liaise on your behalf for this and “enforce” that any accommodation be done (e.g. we cannot issue you a note that you give to your instructors that says “You must allow this student to receive an extension.”).
Extended beyond the term: If you will need accommodations for a course or courses that will require you to complete the work past the end of the term, then you can do this via a “K Grade Contract”. A K (i.e. "incomplete") grade will be put on your transcript for the course(s) that you still need to complete, and then you’ll receive a grade when your work is eventually submitted and assessed, and your instructor can issue you a grade in the course. You and your instructor have to agree to the terms of this “beyond the current term” extension – including what assignments are still outstanding and when they will be due. It is NOT obligatory for an instructor to agree to a K contract, since it would involve them doing work outside of their contracted term. If you submit your assignments as agreed upon in the contract, you can get a grade as per usual. If you do not end up fulfilling the assignments as contracted, then your instructor cannot issue you a grade and you will receive a KF (Fail) grade in the class. Although the ISA receives and tracks your K contract, the ISA Office cannot force any instructor to do a K contract with you; you will need to individually arrange this with each course/instructor and it will be up to their discretion as previously mentioned.
K Grade Contract This form must be completed if a grade of 'K' (i.e. incomplete) is submitted by an instructor; the contract will outline what must be received and by when for a final grade to be entered.

I want to appeal a grade for a course

Request for Re-read Complete this form to request the re-read of a final exam, final term paper or project from a course offered by the Faculty of Education which is worth at least 25% of the final grade.

I no longer want to do a Study Away term

Cancellation of Study Away Application/Term

This form must be completed if you applied to Study Away and will no longer be proceeding with this opportunity.



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