Wellness Resources for Education Students

Local Wellness Advisor (Faculty of Education)

Local Wellness Advisor (LWAs) are trained mental health clinicians embedded within faculties and services to orient and connect you with the appropriate support resource - on-campus or off-campus - for your unique situation. With similar educational backgrounds to counsellors, LWAs also facilitate wellness programming tailored to your faculty or identified community and work with departments on wellness awareness, prevention and early intervention. Local Wellness Advisors each offer targeted mental health workshops, wellness outreach through our social media channels, as well as one-on-one appointments.     

Students in the Faculty of Education can book an appointment with any number of Wellness Advisors:


Other Health & Wellness Resources for McGill Students

Upcoming workshops and events

  • The Student Wellness Hub can help you build and strengthen¬†your wellness toolkit. Their¬†On Demand Workshops¬†are pre-recorded workshops available 24/7 so as that you can build wellness skills and strategies no matter when, no matter where. Their¬†BEAR Series¬†support you with building, enhancing, and achieving resilience in themed videos.¬†

Online stress and anxiety management resources

  • Self-care is an everyday task, but sometimes it can be daunting to know where to start. We've got information on warning signs to look out for, tips to manage your mental health, online resources, and more.


  • Allows students to connect with qualified counsellors for a variety of issues. Students are entitled to sessions delivered in person (note: subject to availability due to covid-19), by telephone, by video-counselling, or by e-counselling. KeepMeSafe is available 24/7, 365 days per year, is free, confidential, multilingual, culturally-sensitive, gender-inclusive, and faith-inclusive.

  • Contact KeepMeSafe: 1-844-451-9700 or download the MySSP app

Vent Over Tea

  • Vent over Tea is a free active listening service that takes place in local cafes. Book a Vent Session today and meet up with a listener in your favourite cafe to talk about whatever you like!

McGill Student Wellness Hub

  • The McGill Student Wellness Hub, is our students' go to for accessing basic physical and mental health services. Our team includes doctors (general practitioners), nurses, psychiatrists, counsellors, social workers, and dietitians, as well health promotion and outreach staff.



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