The content on this page is only relevant for students interested in undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Education (B.A.(Education), B.Ed. and B.Sc. Kin). Students interested in undergraduate programs in other Faculties should contact their Faculty for the appropriate information.

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The Faculty of Education offers the B.Ed. (leading to teacher certification) and the B.Sc. Kinesiology (the science of movement) undergraduate programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Faculty of Education Admissions

What types of programs are offered by the Faculty of Education?

The Faculty of Education offers three different kinds of programs.

  • Undergraduate Programs: For those wishing to become certified teachers, the Faculty offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree and consequent teacher certification*. For those already holding a university degree, advanced standing may be given in the B.Ed. programs.  The B.A.(Education); Major in Education in Global Contexts is an undergraduate program that does not lead to teaching certification and is offered by the Department of Integrated Studies. A B.Sc. (Kinesiology) is also offered by the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education.
    • *Upon graduation, students in the B.Ed. program are conferred Teacher Certification from the provincial Ministry of Education. This certification equips the holder to be employed in any Ministry-certified institution in Quebec, plus this certification is highly portable and recognized both within Canada and internationally. Students must simply research the requirements of registering their certification with the appropriate provincial/state governing body (i.e. equivalent to the Ministry of Education)
  • Programs of Professional Development: For qualified teachers wishing to enhance their knowledge and skills, the Faculty offers a wide range of programs of professional development leading to specialized Certificates and Diplomas. Most courses that are required to complete these programs are offered in the evenings and in the summer.
  • Graduate Programs: The Faculty offers graduate programs for those already holding a university degree who wish to pursue advanced study and research leading to masters and doctoral degrees in various fields of education, psychology, and library and information studies.

How long does it take to complete a degree in the Faculty of Education?

  • All B.Ed. programs are a minimum of 150 credits (5 years of full-time study); or 120 credits (4 years) for students who have completed a DEC.
  • The B.Sc. (Kinesiology) program is a minimum of 120 (4 years of full-time study); or 90 credits (3 years) for students who have completed a DEC. 
  • Advanced standing may be granted to students who have completed previous university studies.
  • Note: A student must complete a minimum residency requirement of 60 credits at McGill in order to qualify for a McGill degree.

How can I get advanced standing for my previous university studies?

Decisions regarding advanced standing are made by Enrolment Services only after having reviewed all the applicants’ relevant official documents.

Is it possible to complete my degree part-time?

Faculty of Education undergraduate programs must be undertaken on a full-time basis (min. 12 credits./term), unless exceptional circumstances exist (e.g. medical reasons, advanced standing/transfer credits, registration with Office for Students with Disabilities)

There is a 5-year time limit to complete an undergraduate degree.

I am thinking of enrolling in the B.Ed. or MATL Teaching English as a Second Language / B.Ed. Kindergarten-Elementary Pédagogie de l'immersion française programs. How do I know if my language skills are good enough?

In order to be accepted into the TESL or PIF programs, students must successfully pass a language proficiency exam. The exam is given on various dates in the spring and summer months. Once you apply, Enrolment Services will give you the dates of the test and your acceptance will not be finalized until you successfully pass the applicable test.

Can I take courses in the Faculty of Education even though I am not a student at McGill University?

The Faculty of Education offers several courses through Continuing Studies. Please refer to the School of Continuing Studies website for details.

Can I take courses offered by the Faculty of Education if I am a McGill student in another Faculty?

Professional courses are restricted to students in the B.Ed. programs, however, the faculty offers a number of courses open to undergraduate students. Please refer to Minerva for course offerings.

Can I start in the Winter term?

The Faculty of Education does not accept applicants for January admission. Students interested in taking courses during the winter term in preparation for application for Fall admission can refer to courses offered through the McGill School for Continuing Studies, or courses available at other institutions that could be considered for advanced standing.  Courses taken in this manner should be in the academic area in which they wish to specialize, i.e. English, Mathematics, Geography, etc.

Is it possible to transfer into Education after a year of study in another Faculty?

Yes, students from other faculties, with a minimum CGPA of 3.0, can apply to transfer into a B.Ed. or B.Sc. Kinesiology program. Acceptance is dependant on space in the program and academic achievement The deadline for receipt of all admission documents is June 1, for September admission.

I was in a B.Ed. or B.Sc. Kinesiology program a few years ago but didn’t complete my degree. Can I come back to finish it?

If you were a student in a McGill B.Ed. or B.S.c Kinesiology program but didn’t finish, you may apply for re-admission to the Faculty. The deadline for September admission is July 1stNote: All undergraduate programs have been revised. Students will only be considered for programs currently open for admission.

I already have a degree, would my application go through the undergraduate application section?

Yes, apply online as an undergraduate student.

Students with previous degrees may be granted advanced standing depending on their previous studies, and the requirements of the program they enter.  Students must complete a minimum residency requirement of 60 credits at McGill in order to qualify for a McGill bachelor's degree.

Does McGill offer a teaching certification program for people who already have a degree?

If you have completed 45 credits in a teachable subject, the MA Teaching and Learning may be for you!

I do not have a university degree or CEGEP diploma, can I apply as a Mature student?

Please refer to McGill's admission requirements and procedures information.



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