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English Exam for Teacher Certification

McGill course number EDEC 215 (B.Ed)/ EDTL 515 (MA)

The Quebec Ministry of Education requires that all students in teacher education programs demonstrate their proficiency in the language of instruction. To fulfil this obligation, all students newly admitted into Year 1 of a B. Ed program are required to write the English Exam for Teacher Certification (EETC) during the fall term of their first year in the program. Students admitted with advanced standing must also write this examination in the fall term of their first year. Students admitted into U0 will write the test in the fall term of their U1 year.

The examination is administered by an independent body, the Centre for the English Exam for Teacher Certification (CEETC) on behalf of the Ministry of Education. Although McGill assists in coordinating the test, it is not a McGill examination. The Centre collects a fee for writing the test. 

All B.Ed students must pass the test prior to Field Experience 3.

Update (April 2021): The ISA Office has now confirmed that we will be exceptionally allowing students to complete their Third Field Experience (FE3) in the Fall 2021 term without having passed the EETC. This exception only currently applies to students who will complete their FE3 in the Fall 2021 term. 

All MA Teaching & Learning students must pass the test prior to Internship 1 (EDIN 601).

Update (April 2021): The ISA Office has now confirmed that we will be exceptionally allowing students to complete their First Internship (IN1) in the Winter 2022 term without having passed the EETC. This exception only currently applies to students who will complete their IN1 in the Winter 2022 term. 

How to Register

Step 1: Register on Minerva for EDEC 215 (Undergraduate Students) or EDTL 515 (Graduate Students).

  • NOTE: EDEC 215/EDTL 515 will not be visible/available on Minerva for registration until the EETC dates are confirmed and registration on CEETC has opened
  • All B.Ed students must take the exam in their U1 Fall term (December). Students who do not pass the exam in December are eligible to try again in the Summer term (April).
  • All MA Teaching & Learning students must take the exam in their first summer term. Two sessions are held: early May, and mid-July (during the intensive first term summer courses).

Step 2: Go to the  Centre for the English Exam for Teacher Certification (CEETC) website to

  1. Click “Register Now” (first time writing) or “Login” if you are returning.
  2. Follow the instructions to select a date and timeslot.
  3. Submit your payment as instructed (be sure to pay at least 5 working days before the test date).
  4. You are required to print your receipt and bring it to the exam with you. The date, time and room number your exam is on the receipt.


  • You must ensure that the time selected for the test does not conflict with your course schedule.  B.Ed U1 students, do not forget about your 1st professional seminar course, which starts in late November.  
  • Contact the CEETC directly for questions about payment or to change your day/time.

Examination Preparation

This exam is likely different from other language exams you have taken before. It is not a test of your general English language competence. Rather, it measures your level of competence in the specific forms and styles of language needed for successful communication in the teaching profession. This is Competency 2 of the “12 core professional competencies for the teaching profession” created by the Quebec Minstry of Education.

Students are encouraged to visit the official website of the Centre for the English Exam for Teacher Certification (CEETC) before the exam for information regarding exam policies, as well as practice tasks and preparation advice. There are also EETC preparation resources available on the McGill Library website. You are strongly advised to take the time to prepare for this examination.

Tutorial services from the McGill Writing Centre

If this is not your first time writing the EETC, or if you strongly believe you will need individualized tutorial support in preparation for the EETC, you are encouraged to make an appointment with the McGill Writing Centre's Tutorial Service. In your appointment request, please indicate that you are requesting tutoring for the EETC/EDEC 215 and specify what part(s) of the exam you need help with.

Students with Disabilities

Students who are registered with McGill’s Office for Students with Disabilities can apply to write their exam at the OSD by submitting an On-line Exam Accommodation Request form. The OSD is mandated to determine appropriate accommodations for this timed exam. You must specify that your request is for EDEC 215 or EDTL 515 on the form. Submit your request to the OSD at least 3 weeks before the exam. Please note that the OSD is not open on weekends; please ensure you select a non-weekend test date if you will be writing with OSD.

Important Exam Information

  • Location: You will select your timeslot on the CEETC website; the exam location will be printed on your receipt. 
  • You must write at the time and on the day which you selected when you registered with the CEETC.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the exam. You will be refused entrance after the exam has begun as it is too disruptive to other test takers.
  • Bring your Proof of Payment receipt from the Centre for the English Exam for Teacher Certification.
  • Bring your McGill ID card and pens and pencils. You may also bring a highlighter.
  • No dictionaries are provided by the invigilators, however you are permitted to bring a dictionary (bilingual or monolingual) and/or thesaurus for the writing section. Do not add any notes to the dictionary. Dictionaries may not be shared with other students.
  • Cell phones or any other electronic devices are not permitted.
  • The exam is written using computers in a computer lab. During the exam the computer may be used only as authorized.
  • There are no deferred or supplemental exams.

If You Miss the Exam

  • Students who do not pay for the exam, or who do not show up to write the exam will be given a mark of ‘J’- failure due to unexcused absence.
  • If you paid the CEETC and you cannot show up to write because of illness, you must present a valid medical note to the CEETC within 5 days of the scheduled exam in order to receive a refund, less an administration fee (Policy 7.3). You will receive a grade of ‘W’ on your transcript.
  • If you pay for the exam with the CEETC and write it but neglected to register for EDEC 215 on Minerva, you will need submit a late course add form from ISA to correct your error. Fee applies.

Exam Results

  • Your detailed score report will be available on the CEETC website, and you will be notified when it is available. At a later date, your result (Pass/Fail) will be available on Minerva.
  • Students who fail only one part of the exam (Part 1 or Part 2) are only required to re-write the part they failed.
  • You must pass the EETC before beginning Field Experience 3 (B.Ed) or Internship 1 (MATL). No exceptions are made to this rule.
  • B.Ed students who do not pass should register for the specially designed courses EDEC 202 “Effective Communication” in the winter term. Additionally, consult your departmental academic adviser to discuss options for other courses or tutoring before re-taking the exam.

Maximum Number of Attempts / Program Withdrawal

  • Students have 4 opportunities to pass the EETC prior to the Third Field Experience (B.Ed) / First Internship (MATL). A student will not be permitted to begin this placement without having successfully passed the EETC. Students who do not pass the EETC exam after the 4th attempt require permission to re-take the exam for a fifth and final attempt, which may be granted at the discretion of the ISA Director. Email [at] for an appointment with the ISA Director. If a student does not pass the EETC on the fifth and final attempt, they will be withdrawn from the program. Any subsequent readmission will be conditional on first passing the EETC.


  • Questions about the EETC policies, preparation materials, web registration for exam timeslots, and access to score reports should be directed to the Centre for the English Exam for Teacher Certification (CEETC) through the "Contact" link on the CEETC website ( Please review the CEETC's FAQ list prior to contacting the agency.
  • Questions about registration through Minerva (EDEC 215 & EDTL 515) should be sent to [at]
  • Questions about course choice and fulfillment of student degree plans should be directed to your departmental academic adviser at McGill. 
  • Questions about field experience (B.Ed) or internships (MATL) should be directed to the student teaching placement coordinator for your program in Internships and Student Affairs.


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