TAKE NOTE: The content on this page is only relevant for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Education (B.A.(Education), B.Ed. and B.Sc. Kin). Undergraduate students in other Faculties and graduate students should contact their Faculty for the appropriate information.

Academic Standing

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Academic Standing

  • Academic Standing is primarily based on the student’s grade point average. For more information please consult the University eCalendar.
  • In the Bachelor of Education programs, standings are also determined according to grades from the Field Experience (EDFE) courses.
  • Students are responsible for assessing their academic standing at the end of each term and are strongly urged to contact their departmental academic Adviser to discuss their situation for advice on their credit load and course selection for the following term.
  • A variety of workshops to assist students who are experiencing difficulties are available through Student Services.

Satisfactory Standing

  • CGPA of 2.00 or greater, and a Pass in Field Experience for those in the BEd programs constitutes satisfactory standing.
  • A grade of C or better is required for all courses, except Electives where a D grade is the minimum requirement.

Probationary Standing

  • For those previously with Satisfactory Standing, a CGPA between 1.50 and 1.99 constitutes probationary standing.
  • For those who were previously in Probationary Standing or Interim Unsatisfactory Standing, a CGPA between 1.50 and 1.99, and Term GPA of 2.50 or higher constitutes probationary standing.
  • Students who receive a grade of D for any level Field Experience course will be placed in Probationary Standing and will only return to Satisfactory once they have successfully passed the EDFE course, and have maintained the minimum GPA requirement.
  • Note: Students in Probationary Standing are limited to a maximum of 12 credits per semester. Students in Probationary Standing the BEd programs are not permitted to take any level Field Experience during that academic year.

Unsatisfactory Standing

  • A CGPA below 1.50 constitutes Unsatisfactory Standing.
  • For those previously in Probationary, Unsatisfactory or Interim Unsatisfactory Standing, a CGPA below 2.00 and TGPA below 2.50, constitutes Unsatisfactory Standing.
  • If they were previously in Unsatisfactory Standing and were readmitted to the Faculty by the Director, Internships and Student Affairs or the Student Affairs Committee (Readmitted Unsatisfactory Standing) and have not at least satisfied the conditions to attain Probationary Standing.
  • Students in the BEd programs who receive a failure (F, J, KF, WF) in any level Field Experience course are automatically placed in Unsatisfactory Standing and are required to withdraw from the Faculty of Education for a minimum of one year before they become eligible to apply for readmission.
  • More information on readmission.

Restrictions related to Field Experience Courses based on Academic Standing

  • Students in Probationary Standing are not permitted to take any level Field Experience course during that academic year (with the exception of those who received a grade of D for their Field Experience).
  • Students in Interim Unsatisfactory Standing will not be permitted to proceed with the next normally scheduled Field Experience.
  • Note: Students in Interim Probationary Standing will be permitted to proceed with their next Field Experience course if scheduled in the WINTER or SPRING term (for First- or Second-Year Field Experiences only).


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