Updates to Travel Procedures and How To's


Published: 29Nov2018

This message is sent on behalf of Julie Ghayad, Director Finance Infrastructure and Transaction Services, Financial Services


We have updated the Travel Procedures and How To’s to facilitate the review and approval of advances and expense reports:


  • PR5.1. General

    • The following has been added to the first bullet point: “Expenses paid with gift cards, reward point cards, or merchant cash dollars will not be reimbursed.”

  • PR7. Summary by Expense Type - Airfare

    • The following has been added to bullet no. 8: ““The quotation for the itinerary purely related to University business must be obtained on the same day and within two (2) hours of the actual airfare ticket that was booked. The quotation must include the travel agency name/website, day, time, and must be for the lowest logical airfare.”

  • Please see Procedures for more information.

How To’s

  • Instructions on How to Print an Advance and Expense Report have been created to ensure that the reference number and the amount display on all printed pages

  • Start and return dates have been clarified
  • There are two options for splitting FOAPALs

  • Tutorials are now available for How To’s and by Expense type

  • Please see How To’s for more information.

Need HELP?

  • Contact the Finance Help Desk: Fishelp.acct [at] mcgill.ca | 514-398-3463


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