Update: Process of Receiving Goods and Services in MMP


Published: 23Jun2021

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As previously communicated in February of this year (see email attached), McGill University has implemented increased security measures prior to releasing payment to McGill Market Place (MMP) suppliers, under the form of a 3-way match requirement. The process to fulfill this requirement consists in assuring there is a link (or “match”) between:


  1. the purchase order (PO)

  2. your acknowledgement of receipt (AOR) of the goods or services

  3. the invoice (INV) from the supplier.


The previous 2-way match process which relied on a PO being open and a matching invoice from a supplier had been deemed as an unacceptable risk to perpetuate.


During the initial phase, in order to align with certain Ministry instructions, the 3-Way Match project was aimed at all goods & services of a pre-tax value greater than one thousand dollars ($1,000 CDN) needed to have receipt acknowledged in MMP. During a second phase of implementation, an expansion will include all orders of goods and services, regardless of value.


As expected with such a project, there were challenges that arose that required adjustments. Specifically, due to conflicts between how the system was designed to achieve 3 way match and what it was sending as notices to the client, we worked with the supplier of the MMP platform to streamline this process and landed on an alternate scope of goods and services subject to 3-way match based on purchase order value : All purchase orders equal to or greater than $1,000 pre-tax will require an acknowledgement of receipt in MMP.


Change in Process compared to February announcement

  • All purchase orders with a pre-tax value equal to or greater than $1,000, regardless of the invoice amount, must be acknowledged as received in MMP.


Training & Support

  • Attached you will find the updated “How to Process Receipts in MMP” manual



For questions and/or support in MMP, please email Procurement Services at feedback.purchasing [at] mcgill.ca


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