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Research Asset Management Phase 1: Tracking & Tagging of Research Equipment


Published: 19Jan2017

Please note that that this Memorandum was sent today to all faculty members, academic and senior leadership as well as to department administrative assistants/officers.


Date: January 16, 2017

TO: McGill Researchers, Academic Leadership, and Administrative Staff

CC: Suzanne Fortier, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Christopher Manfredi, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)    

FROM: Yves Beauchamp, VP Administration and Finance, Rose Goldstein, VP Research and Innovation

RE: Research Asset Management Phase 1: Tracking & Tagging of Research Equipment

Dear Colleagues:

As mandated by many granting agencies, including Tri-Agency, CFI, US-Funded agencies and the Quebec Government, McGill is required to implement a means of documenting the purchase and disposal of equipment.

As of January 1, 2017, McGill will begin tracking and tagging research-funded equipment that has an acquisition cost of $10,000 CDN or more (tax included).  For equipment purchased from US federally-funded grants, the threshold will be lowered to $5,000 CDN and will be tagged for purchases made after May 1, 2016 to meet US federal audit requirements.

We emphasize to the Principal Investigators that there will be minimal burden to you and your labs. Tracking and tagging of the equipment will be handled by an Asset Coordinator working in Financial Services. When equipment meeting the $10,000 CDN threshold is paid, the MMP Purchase Requestor (the person who made the equipment purchase request via MMP) will be contacted by the Asset Coordinator to confirm receipt of the asset and to arrange for physical tagging. Collaboration from the research community will be needed to arrange for a brief access to the equipment to allow for physical tagging by the Asset Coordinator.

To ensure the success of the program, we ask that those who make equipment purchases on your behalf, pay particular attention to the use of proper FOAPALS and clear descriptions when purchasing equipment. Appended to this memo is a list of appropriate equipment account codes to be used to this effect.

This first initiative is part of a larger program to implement comprehensive Asset Management at McGill for all administrative, academic & research assets. You may read more of about this program in this McGill Reporter article published in September 2016.  Additional information will be communicated to you as the program evolves.

We thank you for your ongoing collaboration and support. Please kindly share this memo with members of your lab, especially those who are MMP Purchase Requestors on your behalf.

List of assets accounts:

McGill Account #

McGill Account Description

700003 Scientific Equipment
700004 Equipment
700005 Office Equipment
700006 Computer Equipment
700007 Furniture & Appliances
700008 Mechanical Equipment
700009 Specialized Equipment
700028 Rolling Stock (Vehicles)
7000029 Computer Software Purchases
700090 Network Equipment

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