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Removal of Casual Encumbrances from All Funds - Wednesday, Jan 27th


Published: 25Jan2021

This message is sent on behalf of Elvie Coletta, Director Research Financial Management Services


Dear Colleagues,

Please be informed that on Wednesday, January 27, a script will be run to remove the Casual Encumbrances from all funds.

The only position that will continue to be encumbered is the “Research Assistant” (AAAR-20000) position.

NB: During our review, we noted different variations of the “Research Assistant” position title - please see below. We are not certain as to why these were created and will be working with Workday to resolve. Meantime, only positions with the unique title of Research Assistant will continue to be encumbered. All other variations will not be encumbered and steps will need to be taken to reassign positions to the unique Research Assistant (AAAR-20000) position.

As this is a work in progress, we trust that you will bring to our attention any anomalies that continue to exist vis a vis casual encumbrances.


Thank you for your continued collaboration.

If you have any questions, please email Quynh-Ly Pham at quynh-ly.pham [at]

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