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Reimbursement of Expenses Policy Update - Advances: P2.1 & G3.1

Published: 5 February 2016

This message is sent on behalf of Cris Tinmouth, Interim Associate Vice-Principal Financial Services and Controller


Dear Colleagues,

The Reimbursement of Expenses Policy has been updated to clarify who is eligible to request and receive Travel Advances. Sections P2.1 and G3.1 have been revised to include the text in bold below:


P2.1. Travel Advances may be obtained for third party prepayments, out-of-pocket expenses that are required to be paid in advance of the trip, and for expenses to be incurred during the trip

as itemized in the procedures. Employees who do not wish to incur these expenses personally may apply for a University Corporate Card. Visitors may only request third party prepayments.

G3.1. Travel Advances

There are three types of travel advances, all of which must be accounted for at the time of Expense Report submission. In cases where more than one payment is required in advance

of a trip, multiple advance requests (and types) may be requested at different intervals prior to the trip.

Third Party Prepayments – can be requested by staff, students and visitors
Out-of-Pocket in Advance of Trip – can be reimbursed to staff and students ONLY
Cash Advances – can be issued to staff and students ONLY


The full policy is available on the Financial Services website at

Should you have any questions about the policy, contact the Finance Help Desk at fishelp.acct [at] or 514-398-3463.


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