Interac e-Transfers for travel refunds payable to McGIll University


Published: 21May2020

Dear Colleagues,


We are pleased to announce that the Travel Desk is now accepting refunds/payments payable to McGill University using Interac e-Transfers in lieu of cheques.


To process your refunds/payments to McGill:


  • Please log into your banking institution’s online or mobile banking app and follow your banking institution’s instructions for issuing Interac e-Transfers.

Note: most Canadian Financial Institutions (FI) allow their clients to send Interac e-Transfers and these transfers can only be received by McGill University from a Canadian FI. For detailed list of participating Canadian FI’s in alphabetical order, please see here. If you are a customer of Desjardins, you will not be able to send an Interac e-Transfer and you will need to refund McGill via a cheque.

  • When setting up the new contact, please add “Traveldeskhelp.acct [at]” as the email address.
  • Please note that Travel Desk is registered for auto-deposit and therefore, a security question is not required. However, certain FI’s require a security question and an answer. If this is the case, as a security measure, DO NOT e-mail this information to the above noted e-mail address
  • In the body of the message, you must include your full name, Employee ID, and the Expense Report Reference Number (# 00xxxxxx) that the refund relates to.
  • Please ensure to retain a record of your FI’s confirmation number for your files.


Once completed, the Travel Desk will receive an automated email notification. We will then proceed to extract your expense report, book the refund and clear the outstanding advance.


[Message sent out over the FIS listserv]

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