COVID Expenses


Published: 24Aug2020

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August 20, 2020



All FIS users



Prof. Christopher P. Manfredi, Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic)

Prof. Yves Beauchamp, Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance



COVID Expenses




Dear Colleagues,


The COVID-19 situation continues to provide ongoing challenges as we resume on-campus activities. Additional expenses are being incurred by all faculties and units to ensure the safety of all staff and students, with some being more impacted than others. These additional expenditures must be tracked using the COVID activity code responsibly to assist in identifying legitimate COVID related expenses.


These incremental COVID expenses will continue to be accounted for within the faculty/unit current year operating budget allocation and may result in over-expenditures in operating funds at year end. There is no additional central budget available to allocate across faculties and units.


A meeting will be scheduled with all faculty and unit financial officers to address immediate concerns and to assist in rebalancing the budget across all expenses, as there have been savings in some expense categories (eg travel and entertainment).


Your continued diligence is appreciated.


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