Change in Supplier Invoice Process - effective Jul 17, 2017 and Sep 1, 2017 - ANNOUNCEMENT


This message is sent on behalf of François Pouliot, Director Procurement Services and Julie Ghayad, Director Finance Infrastructure and Transaction Services

Dear Colleagues,

Accounts Payable is committed to processing accurate invoices to ensure suppliers receive their payment on time.  In order for Accounts Payable to meet this commitment, the following changes will take effect:

Effective Monday, July 17, 2017

  1. Invoices sent via email to accountspayable [at] must abide by the following criteria:
  • Include the McGill Purchase Order (PO) number and the Supplier’s Invoice number in the subject line
  • Only be sent in .pdf format
  • Respect the invoice guidelines as per:
  • Invoices that do not meet the above criteria will be treated as secondary priority.
  1. Inquiries about invoices
  • All email inquiries as to the status of an invoice payment must be sent to: apinfo [at]
  • Inquiries sent to accountspayable [at] will be disregarded.

Effective Friday, September 1, 2017

  1. Accounts Payable will only process invoices received via email.
  2. The invoices must be sent to accountspayable [at]  and must be in .pdf format. 


  • McGill University’s standard payment terms are on a net 45 basis (and have been since 2014).  Exceptionally, McGill University enters into contracts with shorter payment terms.  This is then an explicit condition of the Purchase Order.  
  • Accordingly, suppliers must only follow-up with apinfo [at] if they have not received payment 45 days past the invoice date.
  • Suppliers are encouraged to opt for direct deposit instead of payment via cheque by completing the Epayment form:
  • Suppliers must not send the same invoice more than once as this may result in processing delays.


  • Email: apinfo [at]
  • Call the Finance Help Desk:  514-398-3463


Thank you for your cooperation.

François Pouliot, B.Sc, LL.B| Directeur/Director | Responsable de l’observation des règles contractuelles/Contract rules compliance monitor | Université McGill/McGill University | Services de l’Approvisionnement/Procurement Services|3465, rue Durocher, Bureau 107 / 3465 Durocher Street, Room 107| Montréal (Québec) H2X 0A8 | T: 514.398.2658 F: 514.398.1885 |francois.pouliot [at]|

Julie Ghayad MBA| Director, Finance Infrastructure and Transaction Services |McGill University| Financial Services | T: 514.398.2783


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