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General information on how to do business with McGill

McGill University’s purchasing activities are decentralized.  Individual faculty and staff in the various schools and departments across the University determine business needs, request price quotations from suppliers and place orders up to a pre-determined threshold.

Centrally, the role of Procurement Services is to support these purchasing activities by advancing the use of sound business practices that promote maximized economy, efficiency and effectiveness through the acquisition of best value for money goods and services, from capable suppliers with rigorous standards that share the principles of McGill University.


 Article 50.150.1. Tout prestataire de services intéressé à conclure avec un organisme public un contrat de services comportant une dépense égale ou supérieure à 25 000 $ doit détenir une attestation valide de Revenu Québec.

D. 355-2010, a. 1; D. 848-2011, a. 1; L.Q. 2015, c. 8, a. 123.


Article 50.650.6. L’article 50.1 ne s’applique pas au prestataire de services qui n’a pas, au Québec, un établissement où il exerce ses activités de façon permanente, clairement identifié à son nom et accessible durant les heures normales de bureau.

Il ne s’applique également pas lorsqu’un contrat de services doit être conclu en raison d’une situation d’urgence mettant en cause la sécurité des personnes ou des biens.

D. 848-2011, a. 1.

Basic guidelines that must be followed

In order for our suppliers to receive payments promptly and accurately, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • Prior to delivering goods or services, supplier must receive an official Purchase Order from the University
  • Unless otherwise authorized by Procurement Services, all purchases by the University are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions
  • All invoices must follow the Procure to Pay directive:
    • clearly reference a valid Purchase Order number communicated by McGill
    • only reflect charges authorized by the Purchase Order
    • bear a unique invoice number that will not be re-used on future sales to McGill
    • indicate an invoice date

Invoices that do not meet the above criteria will be considered “in dispute” and will not be processed by McGill, nor will any statement as they pertain to such invoices.

All invoices should be forwarded to our McGill University Accounts Payable Department:

3465 Durocher, Suite 216

Montreal, QC  H2X 0A8

accountspayable [at] (Email);  514-398-3463

Should you have particular questions regarding MMP, McGill’s approved ordering methods or the overall Procure to Pay cycle, please do not hesitate to supplier.procurement [at] (contact us).

Invoice Template

Electronic Payment Services

In the Spring of 2012, McGill University implemented an electronic payment service for all of its valued suppliers in Canada. This payment option enables McGill to pay invoices in a more efficient and timely manner.

In order for your Company to be eligible for this electronic payment service we require that this form be completed, scanned and sent to us by e-mail along with a scanned copy of your Company’s void cheque. Kindly enter “Application for e-Payment Services” in the “Subject” part of the e-mail and send the form to [at] (Epayment Services).

You will be advised prior to receiving the first electronic payment

General Rules on Acquisition of Goods, Services and Construction Work

McGill is subject to the "Act respecting contracting by public bodies”. All transactions for goods, services and construction work are subject to this Act and its regulations. Purchases must be awarded by public call for tender, if the Purchase Agreement, over its term, and inclusive of all potential extensions and contractual options, is valued at $100,000 CDN (pre-taxes). McGill posts all public bid documents on (SEAO).


The Act and its regulations include provisions for strictly controlled exceptions where a Purchase Agreement whose overall value qualifies it for public tendering, may be awarded by mutual agreement (instead of public call for tender), which include situations where human safety or property is threatened, situations where there can be only one contractor, situations where confidential and protected information is involved, as well as several specific categories of goods and services defined in the regulations. Procurement Services is responsible to determine which of these exceptions, if any, can apply to University purchases which would otherwise be subjected to public tendering.

Procurement Contracts

For campus-wide system contracts, Procurement Services actively negotiates and establishes supplier partnerships through an extensive sourcing process. In accordance to Act C-65.1, "Act respecting contracting by public bodies” all McGill faculty and staff purchasing on behalf of the University must use these suppliers.

For goods and services not covered by a Procurement campus-wide contract or supplier partnership (McGill MarketPlace catalog supplier), the decentralized nature of McGill’s purchasing makes it the supplier’s responsibility to market its products to the appropriate individuals within McGill’s schools and departments. The supplier should determine whether its products or services support (directly or indirectly) the University’s mission of teaching and research and then identify the proper avenue for locating and engaging the individuals within the University responsible for purchasing those products or services.

Submittal of the Proposals

Bidders’ proposals received after the closing time and date specified in McGill’s Call for Tender, or delivered to a location other than the physical location specified in the Call for Tender will not be considered and will be returned to the non-conforming bidder(s). The method of delivery is at the discretion of the bidders and is at the bidder’s sole risk to assure delivery at the designated office.

In the case of Public Call for Tenders, McGill also performs public bid openings in accordance with the law, on the date specified by the Call for Tender.

Methods for Evaluating Tenders

McGill typically uses several combinations of supplier selection methods that take into consideration on varying levels of the price/quality/delivery ratio.

For public tenders, McGill nominates a selection committee to prepare the Call for Tender. The selection committee is directed on matters of conformity to policies and regulations by a professional from Procurement Services Office, who acts as Selection Committee Secretary throughout the evaluation process. Upon receipt of the tenders, the selection committee members rely on the tender evaluation methods prescribed by the Act respecting contracts by public bodies. The precise method of evaluation is pre-determined and indicated in the call for tender document which is posted on SEAO.

Procurement Services is responsible to determine the best evaluation method and have it endorsed by the selection committee prior to the public posting of the Call for Tender.

Withdrawal of a proposal by the supplier

Bidders may withdraw their submitted proposal by sending a letter to McGill Procurement Services by fax to 514-398-1885, at any time, without forfeiting its right to submit a new proposal within the deadline. Such a proposal withdrawal letter must be received at McGill Procurement Services before the closing date and time fixed in the call for tender document.

Information to be Published

Following the launch of a call for tender, McGill publishes on SEAO, within 15 days of award of the agreement the name of the successful bidder(s) and the information on the amount of the awarded agreement that its format and nature allow to estimate.

Supplier Performance Evaluation

McGill records in a report the evaluation of any supplier whose performance is considered to be unsatisfactory. Such evaluation is completed no later than 60 days after the end of the agreement. A copy of the evaluation is sent to the supplier. The supplier may forward comments in writing on the report to McGill within 30 days following receipt of a report of unsatisfactory performance. Following receipt of the supplier’s comments, a decision is rendered by McGill to either uphold or cancel the evaluation and inform the supplier of the decision. If the decision is upheld, the supplier will be prevented to present tenders in response to McGill future Call for Tenders as prescribed by the Act respecting contracts by public bodies.


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