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McGill Acquisition Plan

As part of the Quebec Government's "Stratégie gouvernementale des marchés publics" and "Mesure 8 - Diffusion des futures possibilités en matière d’acquisition," the government strongly encourages public bodies to strategically plan and communicate their future acquisition projects to the broader supplier community.

The primary objective is to enhance the participation of Quebec companies in public contracts. By increasing visibility into future acquisition projects, prospective suppliers can better plan their activities, prioritize resources, and make necessary investments. This proactive approach not only benefits Quebec businesses but also ensures all interested tenderers are well-prepared to submit competitive offers.

Objectives of the MAP 

  1. Responding to the government’s recommended strategy (Mesure 8) and meeting its objectives
  2. Creating additional exposure for the McGill strategic projects
  3. Visibility into the upcoming acquisition projects by McGill community – possibility of volume consolidation and reducing disadvantages of off-contract purchases
  4. Shaping the market with the University’s sustainability objectives and strategies
  5. Improving planning for internal resources

Planned Acquisition Period (period during which the Call for Tenders are expected to be launched)

The proposed MAP will generally focus on a 24 months plan. For the purpose of the first publication, however, the MAP will cover a period of 22 months of contracting activities.

This will allow harmonization with the University's fiscal year period for the subsequent periods.

“Cycles” refer to the planned acquisition period of each specific publication.

  • Cycle 1: July 1, 2024 to April 30, 2026 (22 months)
  • Cycle 2: May 1, 2026 to April 30, 2028 (24 months)
  • Cycle 3: May 1, 2028 to April 30, 2030 (24 months)


Each MAP published will be revisited at approximately the halfway point of each Cycle for improved accuracy.


Phase 1 

Contracts for acquisition of goods, services or construction works financed by public funds, with potential contract amount exceeding $500,000 (without taxes) or with transformative potential for a university sector.

Phase 2

Contracts for acquisition of goods, services or construction works financed by any fund type. A similar approach to defining the threshold and criteria for transformative character in phase I will be considered. The start of Phase 2 will be determined at a later date.

Out of Scope 

Concession Contracts

Group-buy Contracts

Suppliers Master Agreement (no committed) Procurement Volume)

Contracts w/other Public Bodies

Higher Education/ Research Institutions

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