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New procedure regarding Santa Cruz order

Procurement Directive regarding purchases from Santa Cruz in effect as of February 22, 2016

Santa Cruz Biotechnologies has been found to be non-compliant with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s regulations. According to latest USDA inspections, Santa Cruz’s operations have failed to meet requirements under the Animal Welfare Act. Because of this, we are encouraging our researchers to seek other sources of supply for all products previously purchased from Santa Cruz.

Please be advised that the following Procurement Directives are in place:

  1. All requests for purchases to Santa Cruz must be entered on McGill Marketplace regardless of the amount of purchase and the type of product.
  2. Each purchase requisition issued to Santa Cruz will be assessed by Procurement Staff, in dialogue with the requester, prior to the order being confirmed. Every effort must be made to redirect the order to an alternative source of supply, where possible. 
  3. Santa Cruz has been blocked on all McGill PCards.

Your understanding and collaboration is highly appreciated. We are hoping this is a temporary measure until Santa Cruz is able to resolve the issue in accordance with the US Department of Agriculture’s requirements. 

If you have any questions, or need help finding alternative sources, please do not hesitate to contact feedback [dot] purchasing [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Procurement Helpdesk).

Please also see The McGill Tribune article here.

***Equipment to donate!!!***

The following 2 pieces of equipment are available to anyone how needs them. User is responsible to pay to move and recommission the equipment. For more details, please contact graham [dot] currie [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Graham Currie), Lead Buyer, Faculty of Medicine. Tel.: 514-398-2202

1) Steris Amsco Century SV-148H Pre-vac Steam Autoclave

2) Steris Reliance 500 Laboratory Glassware Washer

***NEWS! IT Asset Management Regulation***

Procurement Services Role at the University

Procurement Services’ role at McGill University is to support the University's activities and mission by providing a high level of professional expertise in all aspects of the purchasing process. Our professional staff provides support through customer-focused services and with an ethical and dedicated approach.

We can guide faculty and staff within all aspects of the procurement cycle, be it legal and regulatory requirements, policies and procedures, risk management, tendering and contracting, as well as supplier related issues.

This site is designed to provide you with essential information related to Procurement activities at McGill University. If there any other related topic that you would like to see on our website, please let us know. feedback [dot] purchasing [at] mcgill [dot] ca


Beware of email pouliotfrancois [at] mcgilll [dot] com, or francois [dot] pouliot [at] mcgill-ca [dot] org, with phone number 514-700-0374 and same fax number 514-700-0374, this is a fraudulent email address!!!

****UPDATE Jan 16 2015****

New version of fraudulent email has emerged recently, and the email format is under mavissmith [at] mcgillca [dot] com, with phone number (514) 800-0354 Ext 101 and Fax (514) 398-0354

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