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Change Orders

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Users can retrieve their MMP Purchase Order (PO) and modify the PO directly in MMP.

Once a purchase order has been issued, the following changes are possible:

♦ Increase or decrease the quantity of an item(s)

♦ Increase or decrease the price of an item(s)

♦ Addition or deletion of an item(s)

♦ Modification of a FOAPAL/Split Distribution

Training will continue to be offered on a need basis. Please reach out to our helpdesk Support Team for more information. 

Cancelling a Purchase Order


Once a purchase order has been issued, it is possible to cancel the order as long as:

♦ Goods or services have not yet been rendered 

♦ Written confirmation from the supplier has been received (mandatory)

♦ Payment has not already been issued.

Users are asked to process their own PO cancellations directly in MMP.


Return a Product

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Returning goods to a supplier

Please contact the supplier’s customer service department or their local sales representative to request a Return Merchandise Authorization number

The supplier will arrange to have the goods picked up or will instruct you on how to return the goods to their facility.

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