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Asset Management

What is an asset in the context of McGill University’s Asset Management Program?

Any tangible item either fully owned by the University, co-owned (as defined by inter-institutional agreement), or leased on behalf of the University and which meets either the minimum value threshold at the time of acquisition, or the risk criteria, as specified by Asset Category.

The following items fall outside the scope of McGill’s Central Asset Management Program: real estate, library collections, intellectual property, HVAC systems and consumables.

McGill University is working towards better management of its assets. We are working closely to put a program together that will address questions of this nature:


  • What assets do we have?
  • How should we manage the University’s assets?
  • Where should the University’s assets go when we no longer need them?


McGill University is now applying lifecycle thinking to its asset management strategy and making sure it is compliant with governmental exigencies and granting agency requirements.

The asset management program will provide a comprehensive framework to facilitate the purchasing, tracking, tagging, redeployment and end-of-life management of different University assets.

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