McGill University’s Asset Management Framework has three main components.


Policies, Procedures & Forms

The Asset Management Policy, Asset Management Procedures, and related Forms all aim at ensuring our institution’s compliance with granting agency requirements, governmental regulations, and optimized asset lifecycles. They clarify roles and responsibilities and prescribe step-by-step processes for managing the University’s assets. The asset management procedures currently in force are:


The Research Asset Management Procedure

The IT Asset Management Regulation

The Vehicle Asset Management Procedure

A Central Asset Management System

The University’s Central Asset Management System is the tool used for recording all relevant information pertaining to each University asset. For the moment, there are designated staff members who have access to the system and are uploading the pertinent asset details. Our vision for the future, however, is to allow for University-wide viewing access, enabling members of the McGill community to see assets owned by the University and if some assets may be available for shared use.

Asset Tracking & Tagging

Central administration is trying to reduce the administrative burden associated with the tracking and tagging of assets for the members of the McGill community. For this reason, Procurement Services has taken on this responsibility. The goal of Procurement Services is to automate and coordinate the tracking and tagging activities in association with the asset acquisition process.

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