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“Our detailed Strategic Plan has led to multiple, award-winning projects, most of which are still on-going because of their comprehensiveness and long-term scope.”  

Sustainable Procurement

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Vision developed by the Sustainable Procurement Core Team

“Procurement Services promotes and leads the way in establishing a culture of sustainable procurement practices at McGill and in its wider community.”

First FIVE YEAR STRATEGIC Plan (2013-2018)

Procurement Services established a Core Team of diverse McGill community stakeholders to help develop its first Sustainable Procurement Strategic Plan. This Core Team identified the following priorities:

  • Raise awareness and provide training to those who purchase on behalf of the University or influencing such purchases.

  • Provide tools and methods to facilitate more sustainable purchasing decision-making.

  • Demonstrate leadership and share best practices with other institutions.

  • Maintain a triple bottom line perspective (social, economic, and environmental considerations), to guide all purchasing-related decision-making.

  • Improve logistics.


Dr. Caroline Begg,  Faculty Lecturer, Department of Plant Science
Mr. Christian Bouchard,  Manager, Hazardous Waste Management
Mrs. Suzanne Boyd,  Manager, Systems and Client Support
Mr. Jérôme Conraud,  Energy Manager, University Services
Mrs. Stéphanie H. Leclerc,  Sustainable Procurement, Program Manager, Procurement Services
Dr. Marianna Newkirk,  Associate Dean (Research), Department of Medicine
Mrs. Kathleen Ng,  Environmental Officer, Office of Sustainability
Mr. Ryan Ortiz, Director,  IT Customer Services
Mrs. Jo-Ann Sciampacone,  Parking Coordinator, Ancillary Services
Mrs. Kathy Zendehbad,  Associate Director, Strategic Business Platform, Procurement Services
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