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“Our detailed Strategic Plan has led to multiple, award-winning projects, most of which are still on-going because of their comprehensiveness and long-term scope.”  

Sustainable Procurement

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Our Vision

“Procurement Services promotes and leads the way in establishing a culture of sustainable procurement practices at McGill and in its wider community.”

                                                                                                                OUR OVERARCHING OBJECTIVES

Procurement Services works closely with faculty, staff, and students to elaborate its Sustainable Procurement objectives. Here are our key priorities:

  • Serve the McGill community by helping faculty and staff meet their procurement needs in support of research, teaching, and operations.
  • Leverage our supply chain to…

Support climate change mitigation and adaptation;

Support healthy ecosystems and biodiversity;

Reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy;

Contribute to human development and social flourishing.

  • Optimize the lifecycle management of University assets in support of the University’s missions and sustainability objectives.
  • Demonstrate leadership and share best practices to accelerate positive change.
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