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Applications for the SURE International Travel Stipend for Summer 2023 will open in March 2023!

Presentation 2023:
Monday, March 06, 2023
2:00-3:00 pm

Application period: March 1 - March 31 (4pm), 2023

Form: Travel stipend application form

Presentation for Funding Opportunities for Undergrads in Summer 2023

If you have any questions, please contact [at]


What is SURE International?

Students who have secured a summer research internship abroad can apply for the SURE International Travel Stipend which is made possible by the Faculty’s generous donors as well as McGill University in support of undergraduate student research abroad. Students who are selected for this travel stipend will receive either an Antje Graupe Pryor International SURE Award or a Schull Yang International Experience Award. More information about these different types of funding can be found under “Funding Opportunities”. Please note that by applying for the SURE International Travel Stipend all applicants will automatically be considered for all available awards. Upon successful completion of the research internship, the SURE International experience will be added to the student’s co-curricular record.

Only current undergraduate students who return to McGill to continue their undergraduate degree after their summer research experience qualify for the SURE International Travel Stipend.

Enhanced Educational Opportunities (EEO) funding is administered by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office and requires a separate application. Please see "Funding Opportunities" for more information.

Funding Opportunities

The SURE International Travel Stipend is funded through different types of awards. All awards allocated by the faculty are merit-based awards. Only one application for the SURE International Travel Stipend is required in order to be considered for the available awards. The exception is the EEO need-based funding for which a separate application is necessary as it is overseen by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office (see information below).

The Antje Graupe Pryor International SURE Awards
Established in 2015 by a generous gift from the late Werner Graupe and the Antje Graupe Pryor Foundation. Awarded by the Faculty of Engineering to Engineering students at McGill who opt to conduct their research in the European Union and who want to get a head start on graduate work or future research careers. Award amounts vary.   Please visit the Antje Graupe Pryor International website for award descriptions.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department student Tyler Manning-Dahan explains the impact that his internship in Germany had on his life.

Schull Yang International Experience Awards

The Schull Yang International Experience Award, supported by Joseph Schull (BA ‘82, MA ’85) and Anna Yang (BCL, LLB ’88), helps undergraduate and graduate students gain first hand international experience related to their fields of study. The award provides full or partial funding to assist students with tuition, travel, and other expenses related to their international experience. The Schull Yang International Experience Award is part of the McGill International Experience Awards (MIEA). For more information about the McGill International Experience Awards, click here.

Enhanced Educational Opportunities (EEO)

Enhanced Educational Opportunities (EEOs) are high quality mobility or work experience opportunities that take place outside of the classroom; they foster self-development and can help students transition successfully to the workplace or graduate studies. 

The University has provided the Scholarships & Student Aid Office with special funding to pilot an EEO Bursary Program. The program will help students with the additional costs of these extra opportunities. Bursaries are non-repayable forms of financial assistance based on demonstrated financial need. In order to be eligible for this bursary program a SURE International Travel Stipend application is necessary, as the faculty will then provide applicants with an approval letter that it is a research internship that can be added to the co-curricular record. The Scholarships & Student Aid Office will ask for this supporting documentation to determine if applicants are eligible for the EEO Bursary Program. Please find more information about eligibility and the application process for need-based EEO funding here or on the Scholarships & Student Aid Office website.

Students who are planning to apply for the EEO Bursary Program and require faculty review of their EEO, should submit the Request for Faculty Review. If MESC approves the EEO opportunity, applicants will be sent a confirmation letter that can be used in the EEO Bursary application to Scholarships & Student Aid.


2023 International SURE Opportunities

Students who secured other international research internships also qualify for the SURE International Travel Stipend.

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