All students are required to seek academic advising about their programs from the department in which they study. Compulsory academic advising and course approval for ALL returning students will take place the first two weeks of class of the term.

Academic advising is the responsibility of departmental advisors as well as part of the general area of expertise of the McGill Engineering Student Centre. The immediate and obvious function of the Advisor is to advise and assist students in program planning and in the proper selection of courses. The Advisor has the responsibility for approving course selections; however, the role goes far beyond that limit. The most rewarding and important aspect of advising is that of interpreting the University and its programs to individual students so that all students may understand the education goals of the University and follow programs that coincide with their talents, interests and goals.

Departmental advising

All students are expected to attend an advising session prior to the start of classes in each semester. In certain departments students will be assigned to an individual who will become their Departmental Advisor. In other departments, an expert advising team will be available throughout the term to assist students with their course selections. Departmental advising can be arranged by contacting the appropriate people in respective departments, as listed below:

Department or School Email Information

  • Architecture: luciana.adoyo [at] (Luciana Adoyo)
  • Bioengineering: studentaffairs.bioeng [at] (General Information)
  • Chemical Engineering: ugrad.chemeng [at] (General Information)
  • Civil Engineering: anna.dinolfo [at] (Anna Dinolfo)
  • Computer/Electrical/Software: undergrad.ece [at] (General Information)
  • Mechanical Engineering: ugrad.mecheng [at] (General Information)
  • Materials Engineering: coordinator.minmat [at] (General Information)
  • Mining Engineering: admin.mining [at] (General Information)
  • Urban Planning: admissions.planning [at] (General Information)

Faculty advising

Students with academic problems often have other problems which may or may not come to light during the course of academic advising. Sometimes all a student needs is to have a talk with somebody. Students are encouraged to contact a Faculty Student Advisor (Advisor.Engineering [at] (Mcgill Engineering Student Centre)) or their departmental advisors, who are aware of the variety of counselling services available so that the student can be referred if necessary.




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