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Architecture Wood Workshop

Macdonald-Harrington, Room # G25 and G14
Telephone #: (514) 398-6729

The School of Architecture Workshop provides an important resource for students enrolled in our professional and post-professional programs to carry out projects forming part or all of the requirements of a variety of different courses in the School. The Workshop plays a particular important role in the design studios, and studios at every level of the program include course work based in part, and occasionally entirely, in the Workshop. The School is well known for the high quality of work produced by students in the Shop, and for the effectiveness with which the Workshop integrates and supports teaching and research at all levels of the program.

The Workshop also maintains a supply store which allows students to purchase materials through the use of student purchase cards. The supply store maintains a stock of the most often used materials for sale to students, while most common modeling and building materials can be ordered through the Workshop within a few delivery days.

Machine Tool Lab

Macdonald, Rooms # 052, 056, 057 and 058
Telephone #: (514) 398-6322 and (514) 398-4375

Undergraduate Curriculum Support and Machine Tool Laboratory
An essential requirement for Mechanical Engineering students is to develop a clear understanding of the manufacturing processes; how parts are designed and machined, the different types of machines- conventional and CNC, the different machine applications and capabilities.

The Macdonald facility serves in part as a teaching laboratory site for courses such as MECH 360 and a training facility; technicians provide instruction on the use of drill presses, band saws, lathe, milling, and CNC machining.

Mechanical Engineering Projects (Capstone)
n their last year, Mechanical Engineering students build teams and take on a design challenge pre-approved by their professor. In doing so, they will interface with our technicians to review their design and specification package for validation. They will further need access to machining equipment in developing components of their project assembly supervised and supported by our technicians as needed.

Student Design Teams
Our workshop facilities are available for Student Design Teams which bring together students from the Engineering departments and even from other faculties in participating in various design competitions. These students need access to machining equipment and our technicians provide supervised access to this equipment.

Research Support
Our technicians can also provide design and machining services as requested by research professors and staff. We provide design validation to assist in specifying an economical as well as satisfactory solution in support of research lab activity.

Wong Machine Shop

Wong, Room # 3260
Telephone #: (514) 398-4490

The Wong Machine-tool Workshop provides design, machining, fabrication, installation and repair services of equipment and devices for both teaching and research laboratories, in addition to student projects. This workshop is equipped with machine tools such as lathes, milling, drilling and grinding machines. There is also a welding area for assembling projects requiring this type of process. Our technicians are ready to guide you in your requests and help you realize you projects.

These services are available to Faculty staff and students. Materials Engineering and Chemical Engineering departments who conduct leading-edge research activities in Advanced Materials, Energy and Environmental Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology as well as Plasma Engineering mainly use them.

Students’ General Working Area

Macdonald and Macdonald Harrington rooms MD#051 and B15

The objective is to provide a safe and secure environment and facilities suitable for design, fabrication, collaboration and learning activities.

This area of the workshop is furnished with a variety of hand tools, equipment and work benches where students can spend some time to make their ideas come to life and work on their team projects. Students will benefit from experimenting and trying new things, learning and developing new skills and transferring their ideas into reality without the pressure of getting it right the first time.

The users are expected to comply with the rules and regulations, wear proper attire, respect the rights of others, the integrity of the resources, and the community mission of the general working area.

Behaviors that infringe upon the rights of other students or staff are prohibited. Those include, but are not limited to, the following:

Users will not:

  • Engage in behavior that is potentially unsafe or harmful to self or others
  • Exhibit any threatening or intimidating behavior
  • Disturb others with noise beyond what is necessary for normal activity in the space
  • Borrow or otherwise remove workshop equipment or tools from the general working area
  • Misuse, misappropriate, damage or deface the working area furniture, building tools or equipment
  • Use the area as a storage facility or to discard leftover material.
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