Administrative Units Staff List

The text below lists the names and job titles of employees who work in Administrative Units at the Faculty of Engineering. Information about staff positions in our Academic Units can be obtained through the individual Department, School, and Institute websites. A listing of these sites can be found here.

​Administrative Units Staff (by job function)  

Dean’s Office


Viviane Yargeau

Associate Dean (Faculty Affairs)
Michael Kokkolaras

Associate Dean (Research and Innovation)
Milica Popovic

Associate Dean (Student Affairs)
Anne Kietzig

Associate Dean (Academic Programs)
Roni Khazaka

Director of Administration
Kaila Folinsbee, Ph.D.

Associate Director - Academic Programs
Nasim Razavinia, Ph.D.

Academic Affairs Officer
Anne Broadhurst

Administrative Coordinator
Rosie Russo

Research Finance Administrator, Grants and Research
Raeanne Pollard

University Advancement


Director of Development
Virginia Roe

Development Officer
Omri Bassewitch Frenkel 

Communication Officer
Kate Henderson

Stewardship Officer
Tara Curry

Advancement Officer
Tanya Barr

Senior Administrative Coordinator
Anabela Fernandes

Human Resources


Senior Human Resources Advisor
Susanne Baumann-Moroy

Human Resources Advisor
Russell Wyse

Human Resources Administrator
Rabia Mokhallati

Human Resources Administrator
Sarah Voss 

Buildings and Research Infrastructure


Buildings and Research Infrastructure Manager
Sahar El Saidi

Building Projects Coordinator
JP Ada

Building Manager
Leela Baldeo

Building Administrator
Jessica De Luca



Communications Officer
antonella.fratino [at] (Antonella Fratino)

Digital Marketing Administrator
yue.gao3 [at] (Shannon Yue Gao)

Engineering Microcomputing Facilities (EMF)


Engineering Microcomputing Facilities (EMF) Manager
Nigel Ayoung-Chee

Network Administrator
Antonio Fonsi

Network Administrator
Shawn McCollum

Systems Administrator
Richard Lee

Systems Analyst
Stephen Lee

Faculty Workshop Services


Jamil Ahram

Shop Technician
Mathieu Beauchesne

Chief Shop Technician
Ramnarine Harihar

Chief Shop Technician
Andy Hofmann

Shop Technician
Derek James Hodges

Chief Technician
David Speller

Chief Technician
Roberto Tariello

Shop Technician
Lydia Dyda

Shop Technician
Meisam Aghajani

Workshop Coordinator
Sam Minter

Finance Services


Associate Director Finances
Leila Al-Bassit

Finance officer - Dean's Office
Mai Nguyen

Faculty Research Accounts Administrator - Chemical Engineering and Urban Planning
Mary Karen Parke - on leave
Jane Paz

Faculty Research Accounts Administrator - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ashley Broadhurst - on leave
John Pardo

Faculty Research Accounts Administrator - Mechanical Engineering
Saiyan Islam

Faculty Research Accounts Administrator - Mining and Materials Engineering
Leslie Bernier

Faculty Research Financial Administrator - Architecture, Bioengineering, and Civil Engineering 
Stephanie Trempe

McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC)


Associate Director (Student Affairs Office)
Nancy Lewis

Associate Director (Engineering Career Centre)
Julie Godin

Student Affairs Administrator/Advisor
Jamila Adnaan

Student Affairs Manager
Christin Blohm-Pape

Student Affairs Administrator/Advisor
Brechtje de Bruin (on leave)

Student Affairs Advisor/Administrative Assistant
Sabrina Fanelli

Student Affairs Coordinator
Mona Hachem

Administrative Coordinator
Fatemeh Haghighat

Administration Coordinator
Esraa Hendy

Student Affairs Administrator
Maureen Huddleson

Internships Associate
Benjamin Isaac

Student Affairs Administrator/Advisor
Ashley Kirschner

Student Affairs Administrator/Advisor
Melissa Kinney

Local Wellness Advisor
Heleen Loohuis

Student Affairs Manager
Lesley Morin

Industry Liaison Associate
Tim Paterson

Industry Liaison Associate - Software Co-op
Amy Malenfant

Empower Skills Development Advisor
Rachel Schafts

Student Affairs Coordinator
Michelle Tompkins

Industry Liaison Associate
Elizaveta Vorontsova

Student Affairs Administrator/Advisor
Janice Ward


Engineering Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity Advancement (E-IDEA)


E-IDEA Manager
Nia Fernandez

E-IDEA Teamwork Program Lead
Renee Pellissier

E-IDEA Teamwork Program, Learning and Development Specialist
Shay Heans-Moreyra

E-IDEA Community Engagement Facilitator
Barry Stewart

Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Engineering (ELATE)


Pedagogical Lead (ELATE)
Amanda Saxe

Academic Coordinator (ELATE/Academic Programs/Accreditation)
Min Xiong

McGill Engine Centre, Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Engine)


benoit.boulet [at] (Prof. Benoit Boulet)

Associate Director
katya.marc [at] (Katya Marc)

Ronald Chwang Technological Entrepreneurs-in-Residence
michael.avedesian [at] (Michael Avedesian)
andrew.csinger [at] (Andrew Csinger)

derrick.wong [at] (Derrick Wong)
roger.tambay [at] (Roger Tambay)

Business Development Officer
vivian.diniz [at] (Vivian Diniz)

Programs and Communications Associate
xiangmin.kong [at] (Xiangmin Kong)

Centre Coordinator
diti.shah [at] (Diti Shah)

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