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Engineering Microcomputing Facilities

The Engineering Microcomputing Facilities (EMF) provides up-to-date technology and knowledgeable consultants to assist all Faculty of Engineering staff and students. EMF maintains 22 specialized labs, allowing students to use the Internet, CD and DVD recording devices, scanners, plotters, and printers.
For complete information please consult the EMF website.

Faculty Workshop Services

The Faculty Workshop Services (FWS) provides workshop services for teaching and research. Please consult the FWS website for a complete list of services.

McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC)

The McGill Engineering Student Centre is one, integrated unit providing services for students, staff and employers. Faculty and Staff will generally consult with departmental staff for information, but from time to time they may need to contact MESC for assistance with student issues and clarification of policies and procedures.

The Student Affairs Office provides services for students such as general advising, and counseling, granting transfer credits and exemptions for courses, decisions on academic standing, information on Exchange and Study Abroad Programs, registration for Continuing Education courses, degree evaluation, granting of deferrals, reassessments and rereads of examinations and final grades, and much more.

McGill Engineering Career Centre provides students with opportunities to gain career-related experience through internships, connect with employers, learn about various career paths, develop their job search skills, and more.

Peer Tutoring Service conducts tutorial services for Year 0 and Year 1 courses. This program eases student transition to university instruction.

Schulich Library of Science & Engineering

ThSchulich Library is the most frequently used Engineering library. 

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Software Available

The Faculty of Engineering Committee on Computing oversees software requirements for common research, educational, and administrative computing needs of the Faculty. For a list of available software and links to software sources, please see Software Available

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