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Information and Services

What we offer

  • Design assistance, repairs, fabrication and assembly of laboratory components, equipment and machinery using a wide range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics and wood.
  • A full complement of modern precision tooling and machinery, including CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machining.
  • A supervised workshop that, following the appropriate safety and operating trainings, allows hands-on access to machines and equipment for undergraduate and graduate engineering students involved in designing and fabrication of research equipment and class projects. It is also available under the same access conditions to design team members that are involved in designing and fabrication of competitive intercollegiate projects.  

Operating Hours


In consultation with Department Chairs and School Directors, the Faculty of Engineering decided to amalgamate various design and machining resources across the Faculty into a single organization in 2010, The Faculty Workshop Services (FWS). The aim of this reorganization was to better manage staff and equipment to meet teaching and research needs. As a result, we can now better address the seasonality of demand on our staff and equipment. The FWS can also speak in one voice regarding upgrading or replacing equipment.

Mission and Objectives

The Faculty Workshop Services mission is to provide a safe and innovative instructional workshop facility that serves the Faculty of Engineering students, design teams, researchers, and staff. Its objectives can be defined as follows:

  • Offer teaching support, including delivering labs, carry on demonstrations, conduct training, provide design consultation, and advice.

  • Offer machining services for undergraduate projects taken for credit.

  • Support student design team activities.

  • Student workshops: provide trained students access to use machines under the full supervision of the technicians.

  • Research center: provide prototype design and fabrication services for researchers on a cost recovery basis.

  • Machining service center (work orders): provide machining and fabricating services for the Faculty of Engineering and the university community on a cost recovery basis.


Workshop Services

Machine Tool Lab (MD 056) Access Policy


Safety Rules & Regulations

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