DISE's Mariusz Galczynski interviewed regarding multicultural education


Published: 14Sep2015

Mariusz Galczynski, of our Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE), spoke recently to Culture.pl regarding multicultural education, and his "belief that peaceful coexistence in a culturally diversified society is possible."

Founded in 2001, Culture.pl is a large web portal and information database devoted to Polish culture. Mariusz Galczynski was interviewed in the context of the current refugee crisis, Poland's cultural inheritance, and globalization. The article appeared on September 11, 2015.

Mariusz Galczynski is a lecturer with DISE, administrator of the Québec Ministry of Education’s (MELS) English Exam for Teacher Certification, and former secondary school teacher, now completing his PhD thesis on Innovations in International Large-Scale Assessment (ILSA) Literacy. Alongside DISE's Dr. Ratna Ghosh, he recently co-authored Redefining Education: Inclusion and the Right to be Different (Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2014). Follow Mariusz Galczynski on Twitter @MariuszEDU.

[read "'Do You Need to be Christian to be Human?': An Interview with Mariusz Gałczyński on Multiculturalism", Culture.pl, Sept. 11, 2015]

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