Katrin Tinn

Keeping cryptocurrency alive

Published: 4Feb2022

Wealthsimple, a Toronto-based financial services company, recently announced plans to push for digital currencies to be used in day-to-day transactions beyond trading. Professor Katrin Tinn says...

Plans for Canadian digital currency remain on hold

Published: 21Jan2022

With digital currencies like Bitcoin gaining traction in the e-commerce space, banks are considering the challenge of integrating digital and paper currencies while protecting user privacy....

Q&A with Professor Katrin Tinn

Published: 22Dec2021

Get to know Assistant Professor Katrin Tinn, who teaches in the Finance area, in a new Q&A. She discusses her research on digital currencies and stock trading, her teaching style - including...

Delve: A Digital Currency for the Public by the Public

Published: 1Nov2021

Could a Central Bank Digital Currency ensure privacy and transparency for every transaction? A new model of digital currency by Desautels Professor Katrin Tinn proposes a secure yet anonymous ...

Digital currency a solution to dwindling cash transactions?

Published: 9Sep2021

Over the last ten years, cash payments have been in a free fall and experts predict that by 2030, they could make up for just 10% of monetary transactions.

Predicting the future of digital currency

Published: 15Jul2021

A recent survey found that Canada has the most cashless economy in the world, with most consumers using the credit card system. Professor Katrin Tinn joined CTV News Montreal to share her insights...

The pros and cons of digital currency

Published: 8Jul2021

Professor Katrin Tinn weighs in on the ongoing debate about the sustainability of digital currency in Canada. In her view, consumers would benefit from a more up-to-date understanding of their...

Expert: Bank of Canada should start issuing digital currency, experts say

Published: 23Jun2021

Some technologists are telling the Bank of Canada (BoC) that its wait-and-see approach when it comes to issuing digital currencies runs the risk of leaving it behind in the race to innovate...

Building the digital currency space

Published: 17Jun2021

Professor Katrin Tinn is at the forefront of the effort to reimagine Canada’s monetary backing system....


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