Interaction with major crypto-asset platforms could benefit both CBDCs and cryptocurrencies

Published: 25 May 2023

Cryptocurrencies are an unregulated, ethically dubious financial instrument used by criminal organizations, terrorists and war criminals, writes Andy Holloway in the FP Investor Newsletter. But...

Blockchain 101 Talk

Friday, March 24, 2023 12:30to13:30

Have you always wanted to know what blockchain technology is about? Do you want to know how it works and how it could find applications across different industries?/desautelsCategory: Desautels...

The Laidley Centre for Business Ethics - Brown Bag Colloquium

Friday, January 27, 2023 12:30to14:00

The Laidley Centre for Business Ethics presents: “How I Engage ‘Ethics' in the Classroom”/desautelsCategory: Desautels Faculty of Management

Central bank digital currencies could help improve financial inclusion

Published: 21 December 2022

People are using cash less, and plastic more. But this presents a problem for unbanked and underbanked people. There are still a significant number of Canadians who don’t have a bank account. They...

Official launch of the Laidley Centre for Business Ethics

Published: 23 November 2022

On November 14, the Laidley Centre for Business Ethics hosted students, faculty, staff, donors, alumni and friends of McGill Desautels for the official launch of the Centre....

Delve: Why digital currencies could change the future of central banking

Published: 8 November 2022

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) represent a possible next step in the technological evolution of banking and the financial intermediation sector, with advances in privacy, fraud protection,...

Alberta politician who is spreading conspiracy theories could become premier

Published: 16 September 2022

Danielle Smith is running for the leadership of Alberta’s United Conservative Party, and could become Alberta’s next premier. But Smith is campaigning on a platform that includes internet...

Keeping cryptocurrency alive

Published: 4 February 2022

Wealthsimple, a Toronto-based financial services company, recently announced plans to push for digital currencies to be used in day-to-day transactions beyond trading. Professor Katrin Tinn says...

Plans for Canadian digital currency remain on hold

Published: 21 January 2022

With digital currencies like Bitcoin gaining traction in the e-commerce space, banks are considering the challenge of integrating digital and paper currencies while protecting user privacy....


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