8th Annual Conference of the YCC

On May 10-11, 2019, McGill Law and the Crépeau Centre hosted the 8th Annual Conference of the Younger Comparativists Committee (YCC) of the American Society of Comparative Law (ASCL). The conference aimedto highlight, develop, and promote the scholarship of younger scholars of Comparative Law. For further information, visit the  YCC website.

May 10, 2019


Registration and Lunch (Atrium)


Welcome and Keynote Speech (Moot Court)


Track A (Room 101)

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Track D (Room 312)


1A - Constitutional Law & Politics

Chair: Aikaterini Tsampi

Bashir Mobasher, MohammadFile Examining ethnic accomodation and coalition-building under alternative forms of government in Afghanistan

Rezaur Rahman, MuhammadFile Plausibility of converging ‘State religion’ and ‘Secularism’ in the constitution of Bangladesh: Can the UK and Sweden's harmonized State-religion relation be an answer?

Rodean, Neliana R.: File Trilogy of challenges and threats in constitutional change: populism, (un)constitutional amendments and constitutionalism

1B - Legality, Structures & Values of the Law

Chair: Geneviève Painter

Cheung, Alvin Y.H.File Measuring the measures: Creating the conditions for abusive legalism

Tranfo, AlessiaFile Common values and religious freedom: A difficult coexistence

Tofighi Darian, MarziehFile Religion, courts and constitutional reasoning: The efficacy of constitutional courts' jurisprudence in religiously

1C - Privacy Issues

Chair: Claudia Haupt

Przemysław, PałkaFile Privacy policies in the US and the EU: Between markets and human Rights

Olteanu, LuminitaFile Mapping the origins of reputation as a requirement for dilution protection in the European legislation – a pre-harmonisation comparative law exercise

Jasiński, Wojciech: File The optimum model of compensation for wrongful preliminary detention - comparative perspective

1D - Arbitration & Legal Process

Chair: Rehan Abeyratne

Chen, YihuaFile The regulation of third-party funding of international arbitration: in the comparative perspectives of law, economics and judiciary

Eva, LitinaFile Comparative insights into maritime arbitration: The case of international contracts for the carriage of goods by sea

King, AlyssaFile Global civil procedure




Track A (Room 101)

Track B (Room 200)

Track C (Room 201)

Track D (Room 312)


2A - Latin American Public Law in Times of Change

Chair: Ignacio Cofone

Pou Giménez, FranciscaFile Exploring the role of socioeconomic discrimination law in Latin America

Bezerra Nunes, RafaelFile Internal judicial independence and Internet application blockings: The Brazilian WhatsApp case

Garcia-Huidobro, EugenioFile Marketization of government and separation of powers: An oxymoron?

2B - Criminal Law

Chair: Sacha Raoult

Kremens, KarolinaFile Prosecutorial or judicial powers to issue search warrants during criminal investigation in comparative perspective

Cox, Brian L.File Recklessness and war crimes: Exploring the role of State practice and int'l criminal tribunals in establishing customary int'l humanitarian law

Militello, ElenaFile Can we afford our constitutions? The justifications for plea bargaining through comparative lenses.

2C - Human & Social Rights

Chair: Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry

Ryan, ClareFile Leveraging children: Using the child as a bargaining chip in the US ans Europe

Tsampi, AikateriniFile “Détournement de pouvoir” à la française and “Misuse of Power” under Article 18 ECHR: high time for a comparison

Ding, WenwenFile Unexpected historical parallels: the advent of the labor problem and governmental responses in China and the US

2D - Economics market & Public Finances

Chair: Vincent Forray

Baraggia, AntoniaFile Economic inequality and federal systems: a comparative analysis

Vargas Weil, ErnestoFile Developing a method for comparative law and Economics

Kumarage, Achalie M.File Oversimplifying legal realities: Gender indicators and aspiring law reforms based on skewed outcomes

Marchese, ClaudiaFile Territorial inequalities and social rights protection standards: a comparative analysis of the Italian and the Spanish cases in the light of the public finance discipline


Cocktail and Dean's Welcome (Atrium)

May 11, 2019


Coffee (Atrium)


Prize Winner Presentation (Moot Court)


Track A (Room 102)

Track B (Room 201)

Track C (Room 101)

Track D (Room 200)

Track E (Room 202)


3A - Damages & Liability

Chair: Shauna Van Praagh

Katsivela, MarelFile Concept of damage

Jin Park, HaiFile Class action scarcity: An empirical analysis of securities class action in Korea

Sion Giaoui, FrankFile How comparative (empirical) analysis can help turn facts into legal guidelines and reduce judicial uncertainty: application to damages quantum

Wojturska, WeronikaFile The concept of the contribution of the aggrieved party and medical malpractice - comparative perspective

3B - Mixed Jurisdiction: Comparison & Methodologies

Chair: Vincent Forray

Sun, MingyuFile A comparative research on the method of fitting statistical inference into law context between civil law and common law

Wiacek, Michal File National judge of the EU member State and mixed jurisdiction

3C - Law & Technology

Chair: Clare Ryan

Corradi, Marco-ClaudioFile Founders’ groundbreaking technological innovation and their duty of loyalty to the corporation

Haupt, Claudia E.File A comparative perspective on online speech

Heldt, AmelieFile Merging free speech and content moderation: a social public forum?

Rojas Jara, PaulinaFile Smart cities in Europe and Latin America: A comparative analysis

3D - Thinking Law, Thinking Society

Chair: Alexandra Popovici

Tourkochoriti, IoannaFile Should the law regulate historical memory?

Ross, Sara G.File Comparative Approaches to Property Law’s Legal Toolbox for Facilitating the Localization of International Cultural Heritage Preservation Frameworks in Canada: Heritage Preservation and Conservation Easements, Agreements, Covenants, and Trusts

Habermacher, AdrienFile Comparing legal education within Canada: New tools to go beyond the usual distinctions

3E - Private Law

Chair: Lionel Smith

Liew, Ying KhaiFile Remedial approaches to proprietary estoppel — Lessons from England, Australia, Canada and Singapore

Lee, JoymanFile “Core” and “non-core” trustee duties in English and Asian civil law trusts

Von Schütz, KonstanzeFile The horror vacui of the common law of property


Lunch: Baxter Family Symposium on Federalism - Winners' Presentations (Thompson House Ball Room - 3650 McTavish)


Track A (Room 101)

Track B (Room 102)

Track C (Room 202)

Track D (Room 201)


4A - Socio-Political Influences & the Law

Chair: Antonia Baraggia

Daniel AlatiFile The lasting impact of UN Security Council Resolution 1373 on due process in Canada and the UK: Historical precursors to the use of secret evidence in civil litigation

Galli, LucaFile The path towards integration. An administrative law analysis of the migration flows management

Hudson, GrahamFile Constitutional learning and secret law in comparative perspective

4B - Law & Blockchain

Chair: Jurgen Goossens

Andhov, AlexandraFile Voting of blockchain: opportunities and liabilities

Stratiev, OlegFile Taxation of blockchain networks and their participants

Gueissaz, MatthieuFile How Swiss securities law's adaptation to EU standards will impact security token offerings in Switzerland

4C - Criminal Law & Justice

Chair: Marie Manikis

Da Silva, MichaelFile On cruel and unusual ‘treatment’: Understanding a comparative constitutional rarity

Raoult, Sacha et Derbey, Arnaud (Manikis, Marie)File Understanding the social functions of pre-trial detention: A comparative study between Canada and France

Gacka, Patryk: Mechanisms of negociated justice in international criminal law? Reflections upon axiological limits of transplantation

4D - Critical Constitutional Law

Chair: Mugambi Jouet

Reznik, RafiFile Purposive originalism: The rise of American conservatism in Israel

Sen, JhumaFile Continuities, breaks and transformations: Registers of transformative constitutionalism in India

Pasarlay, ShamshadFile The dangers of deemphasizing individual and group interests in constitution-making: Afghanistan and beyond




Track A (Room 102)

Track B (Room 201)

Track C (Room 202)

Track D (Room 101)


5A - Ruling, Adjudication & the Power of Judges

Chair: Alyssa King

Abeyratne, RehanFile Towering judges in comparative perspective

Bechard-Torres, EdwardFile Reconciling structural change and judicial competence in Canada and Colombia

Bellavance, ChantalFile Putting the inscrutable under scrutiny

5B - Business Law & Finance

Chair: Marco-Claudio Corradi

Passador, Maria Lucia (Mosca, Chiara): File Shareholder behavior at controlled companies: The strange case of tenured voting

Rahimi, HarounFile How to create effective formal credit Institutions using informal institutions: A case study of Hawala regulations in Afghanistan

Passador, Maria LuciaFile In vogue again: The re-rise of SPACs in the IPO market

5C - Environmental Law

Chair: Sébastien Jodoin

Chen, LingFile Optimizing climate cooperation: A comparative study of mega-environmental agreements and mini-clubs

Goossens, JurgenFile Judges for climate - Is it up to the courts to save the planet?

Joachim, ClaireFile European and Chinese environmental protection: a convergence? Some issues about legal cultures

5D - Global/ Comparative Constitutional Law

Chair: Ioanna Tourkochoriti

Bacis, DavideFile Is there a global constitutional law? The case of the right to the truth

Girard, RaphaëlFile From ochlochracy to juristocracy: A comparative analysis of the legitimacy of constitutional review in the US and France across time

Topidi, KyriakiFile Comparative constitutional law, normative pluralism and diversity management: Towards a right to difference

The Crépeau Centre thanks the Chambre des notaires du Québec and the Department of Justice Canada for their financial support.



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