2018 ARIA recipients

In 2018, 41 students from 16 departments and programs received Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Internship Awards.


ARIA summer projects

Classical Studies

"Art, Insurance and the Climate of Risk”
Rachel Sutherland, Classical Studies
Prof. Matthew Hunter, Classical Studies

PDF icon Rachel Sutherland

Computer Science

"Neural networks with style: Representation learning for text style and Linguisticcreativity”
Jiapeng Wu, Computer Science
Prof. Jackie Cheung, Computer Science

PDF icon Jiapeng Wu

"Contour Symmetry in Scene Categorization”
Gabriel Downs, Computer Science
Prof. Kaleem Siddiqi, Computer Science

PDF icon Gabriel Downs

"QUESTAPP: Design and Implementation of App-based patient-friendly questionnaires”
Thomas Tendron, Computer Science
Prof. Laurie Hendren, Computer Science

PDF icon Thomas Tendron


"Primary care reform and medication appropriateness for seniors: A comparative study of two provinces”
Michael Church Carson, Economics
Prof. Erin Strumpf, Economics

PDF icon Michael Church Carson

"Dimension reduction Methods in Empirical Controversies”
James Ryan, Economics
Prof. John Galbraith, Economics

PDF icon James Ryan


"Stories Cookbooks Tell”
Hannah Srour, English Literature
Prof. Nathalie Cooke, English

PDF icon Hannah Srour


"The Immigration of Asian-trained medical practitioners to Canada c. 1961-1976”
Robyn Lee, History
Prof. David Wright, History

PDF icon Robyn Lee

Integrated Studies

"Information Rights, Privacy, and Data Use in Child and Youth Serving Sector”
Arisha Khan, Comparative Social Policy
Prof. Naomi Nichols, Integrated Studies

PDF icon Arisha Khan

Langue et Littérature Françaises

"Stage de formation professionnelle en edition et recherche en archives”
Olivier Seguin-Brault, Langue et Littérature Françaises
Prof. Diane Desrosiers, Langue et Littérature Françaises

PDF icon Olivier Brault


"Long Distance relationships in Urdu-Hindi: phases or horizons”
Madelaine O'Reilley Brown, Linguistics
Prof. Lisa de Mena Travis, Linguistics

PDF icon Madelaine O'Reilley Brown

"Prosodic Transfer and the L2 acquisition of Hindi”
Avleen Mokha, Linguistics
Prof. Lydia White, Linguistics

PDF icon Avleen Mokha

"Intonational Tunes in English: Corpus and Experiment”
Emma Gibson, Linguistics
Prof. Michael Wagner, Linguistics

PDF icon Emma Gibson

"Enabling large-scale analysis of stop consonants across English dialects”
Micheal Goodale, Cognitive Science
Prof. Morgan Sonderegger, Linguistics

PDF icon Micheal Goodale

"Neural Networks, compositionality, and linguistic representation: evidence from monotonicity”
Emily Goodwin, Linguistics
Prof. Timothy O'Donnell, Linguistics

PDF icon Emily Goodwin

"Storage and Computation of morphology: Evidence from English”
Gregory Theos, Linguistics
Prof. Timothy O'Donnell, Linguistics

PDF icon Gregory Theos


"Computer-assisted proofs in the circular restricted four body problem”
Nathan Maves-Moore, Economics
Prof. Jean Philosophyippe Lessard, Math

PDF icon Nathan Maves-Moore


"SIMSSA: Single Interface for Music Score Searching and Analysis”
Laura Beauchamp, Music
Prof. Julie E Cumming, Music


"Diagrammatic reasoning and Direct Interpretation”
Austen Friesacher, Philosophy
Prof. Dirk Schlimm, Philosophy

File Austen Friesacher

"Reading the Mind in the blink of an Eye”
Christina Isaicu, Cognitive Science
Prof. Ian Gold, Philosophy

PDF icon Christina Isaicu

"Ancient Sources for Renaissance Feminist Themes”
Norah Woodcock, Philosophy
Prof. Marguerite Deslauriers, Philosophy

PDF icon Norah Woodcock

Political Science

"Corruption under the New Left in Latin America”
Naomi Santesteban, International Development Studies
Prof. Manuel Balan, Political Science

PDF icon Naomi Santesteban

"Courts in Russia: The Rise of the Orthodox Church influence in judicial decision-making”
Sofya Voloshina, International Development Studies
Prof. Maria Popova, Political Science


"Hume and Rawls' Conception of Justice”
Yasmina Aspinall, Philosophy
Prof. Victor Muniz Fraticeli, Political Science

PDF icon Yasmina Aspinall

"The Post-Communist Monuments Project”
Isabel Post, Political Science
Prof. Juliet Johnson & Prof. Benjamin Forest, Political Science & Geography

PDF icon Isabel Post


"The Neuroscience of Affiliation and Empathy”
Jeannine Bertin, Psychology
Prof. Jennifer A Bartz, Psychology

PDF icon Jeannine Bertin

"Spontaneous and Deliberative Relationship Maintenance Strategies”
Tony Feng, Psychology
Prof. John Lydon, Psychology

PDF icon Tony Feng

"The Beacon Study”
Joao Vitor Paes de Mello de Camargo, Psychology
Prof. Lauren Human, Psychology

PDF icon Joao Vitor Paes de Mello de Camargo

"Effects of Physcal Exercise Trainning on Central Noiception”
Kelly Cool, Psychology
Prof. Mathieu Roy, Psychology

PDF icon Kelly Cool


"Stakeholders perspectives in measuring health and social service excellence for older adults”
Jeeventh Kaur, Economics
Prof. Amelie Quesnel Vallee, Sociology

PDF icon Jeeventh Kaur

"The perspectives of prospective fathers about preconception epigenetics”
Ji Hun Kuk, Sociology
Prof. Jennifer Fishman, Sociology

PDF icon Ji Hun Kuk

Visual Arts Collection

"McGill's Friendship Fountain by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney”
Tara Allen-Flanagan, Art History
Gwendolyn Owens, Director, McGill Visual Arts Collection

PDF icon Tara Allen-Flanagan

"Gordon Matta-Clark sourcebook”
Davin Luce, Art History
Gwendolyn Owens, Director, McGill Visual Arts Collection

PDF icon Davin Luce

"The art of Marian Dale Scott”
Hannah Deskin, Art History
Gwendolyn Owens, Director, McGill Visual Arts Collection

PDF icon Hannah Deskin

Social Equity ARIA


"St'at'imc Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Development Alternatives"
Liam Ragan, Anthropology
Prof. Peter Johansen, Anthropology


"Effects of Musical Training on restricted Repetitive Behaviours of Children with ASD
Erin Matsuba, Cognitive Science
Prof. Eve Marie Quintin, Education
PDF icon Erin Matsuba

"Can Music Education improve Social skills of children with ASD?"
Sophia Thierry, Psychology
Prof. Eve Marie Quintin, Education

PDF icon Sophia Thierry


"Gender Bias in Book Reviews"
Isabella Nikolaidis, Linguistics
Prof. Andrew Piper, Linguistics

PDF iconaria_poster_isabellanikolaidis.pdf

"Linguistic Fieldwork Research"
Benjamin Oldham, Linguistics
Prof. Jessica Coon, Linguistics

PDF icon36x48_horizontal_templatev12.pdf


"Indirect discrimination and the Philosophy gender gap"
Johanna Cline, Philosophy
Prof. Natalie Stoljar, Philosophy

PDF icon Johanna Cline


"Abortion Beyond Bounds: Self-Management and the Circulation of Knowledge, Technology and Care"
Alice D'Aboville, International Development Studies
Prof. Jennifer Fishman, Sociology

PDF icon Alice D'Aboville

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