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Second Round: Faculty of Arts Internship Award

A second round of Arts Internship Awards is now open for application from students whose internships were confirmed after the March 11th 2019 deadline.

The Arts Student Employment Fund (ASEF) Award was established by the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) and the Arts Student Employment Fund (ASEF) to help students gain practical experience through an internship in their relevant field of study. Administered through the Dean’s Office in conjunction with the Faculty of Arts Internship Office, this Award is designed to provide partial funding to assist students with travel and other expenses related to their internship.

IMPORTANT: All students who are travelling outside North America for internships must register and attend the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation which will be taking place on the April 11, 2019, in Leacock room 132, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

Follow this link to apply to the Arts Internship Award

Follow this link to learn more about the Pre-Departure Session, and follow this link to register.

Please note: Students who have opted out of ASEF are not eligible to apply. Please indicate on your application.

Deadline to apply: April 21st, 2019, 11:59 pm

This application round is not open to students who applied during the first round of Faculty of Arts Internship Awards on March 11th, 2019.

Only open to students with internships confirmed after March 11th, 2019.

Arts Internship Awards

The majority of internships are unpaid and many of our students are self-funded. Luckily, students may receive awards from Faculty of Arts alumni and donors that defer a portion of their travel and cost of living expenses, which can amount to over $5000 for an 8-12 week summer internship. Faculty of Arts Internship Awards allow the valuable internship experience to become a reality for many Arts students. With the generous support of McGill alumni and the Arts Undergraduate Society, the following Arts Internship Awards have been established:

The Andre King Wi Tan Externship Award

Andrew Buntain Internship Award

Allan A. Hodgson Internship Award

Armando & Ann Manfredi Award

Arts Student Employment Fund Award

Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund Award

Barbara & Patrick Keenan Award

Brenda & Morrison Hurley Award

Bryce Arts Internship Award

Carol & Lloyd Darlington Award

Chris Tyler Marckmann International Social Work Awards

Davies Family Internship Award

David Tarr & Gisele Chevrefils Award

Eva & Myron Echenberg Internship Award

Faculty of Arts Internship Award

Gregg Blachford & David McGillivray Internship Award

Gail Elizabeth Todgham Internship Award

Hinda Ordower King Awards of Merit

Hon. Paul & Yvonne Casey Internship Award

Ithaca Arts Internship Award

Jennifer Ritter Internship Award

Joseph Issid Travel Award

John Wasileski Externship Awards

Judy Patton Hamilton Arts Internship Award

Lev Bukhman Internship Award

Liz Gomery & Stefan Fews Award in Arts

Martine Vanasse International Experience Internship

Max Stern Internship in Art History Award

McDonald Currie Fund Internship Award

Kostman Family Award in Arts

Roland Arts Summer Internship Award

Scott & Kristi Daniels Arts Internship Award

Richard B. Levy Travel Award

Tania Zouikin Internship Award

Toten Family Arts Internship Award

Wendy Patton Keys Arts Internship Award

William Henry Kelly Internship Award

Willie & Libby Zimmering Internship Award

Schull Yang International Experience Award

Susan Casey Brown Fund