Finding an internship

    When starting an independent internship search, remember that persistence and patience are key. Many (or most) organizations may not have the time or capacity to reply to you, despite the quality of your message and profile. Don't worry, don't take it personally, keep trying, all it takes is one reply!

    It is important to begin your search with realistic goals, to target organizations of different sizes, not limiting yourself to large leaders in your field, and to remember that the response rate may be low, but that it is doable!

    Steps to an effective internships

    This checklist is meant as a general guideline for internships. We recommend that students begin the process early in the school year.

    PDF icon Steps to an Effective Internship Search

    CaPS CV and Cover Letter Guides

    The following comprehensive guides have been developed by CaPS to help you during the internship search process. You are encouraged to consult them as you write your CV or cover letter, prepare for an interview, job fairs. Click here for guides on CV, cover letters, interviews and more. 

    To have your CV and cover letter reviewed by a CaPS advisor, go to CaPS drop-in hours or book an appointment through the CaPS website..

    MyFuture database

    myFuture is the McGill University's portal for promoting job opportunities and career education. This includes job postings but also internship postings; both on and off campus, local national and international. Click here to log on MyFuture.

    Faculty of Arts Internship Awards 

    After securing your summer internship, you can consider applying for funding. Review the eligibility and selection criteria on this page. The Arts Internship Awards have been established through the generous support of McGill alumni and the Arts Undergraduate Society to help students gain practical experience through internships. They are designed to provide partial funding to assist students with travel and other expenses related to their internship.

    McGill interns have been able to approach target organizations by researching their field thoroughly, listing all the organizations they were interested in, and sending each a targeted email including their clear motivations to intern at the organization as well as their CV.

    You can find out more about our previously successful interns on the award recipients page.

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