Find an internship

    Find an internship

    This can be done through directly contacting organizations where you are interested in pursuing and internship and attempting to get the contact information for someone responsible for hiring interns. Should you choose to go this route, persistence and patience are key. The average response rate is 3% to 5%. This is not to say that this route is impossible. Previous McGill interns have had considerable luck approaching target organizations. Nonetheless, it is important to begin your search with realistic goals.

    Steps to an effective internships

    This checklist is meant as a general guideline for internships. We recommend that students begin the process early in the school year.

    PDF icon steps-effective-internship.pdf

    Internship postings

    Click here for a list of internship opportunities you can apply to directly

    Click here for a list of internship opportunities open to all McGill Students through the McGill Internship Offices Network

    Montreal host organizations

    Here is a categorized list of organizations to contact in Montreal for potential internship opportunities

    PDF icon Montreal Host Organisations

    Internship database

    The McGill Internship Database, run by the Internship Offices Network, is a compilation of more than 700 host organizations with preexisting internship programs spanning over 85 areas of interest. Searchable by location, level of study and area of interest, it provides an excellent starting point for students searching for their ideal internship.

    Click here to access the database

    CaPS CV and Cover Letter Guides

    The following comprehensive guides have been developed by CaPS to help you during the internship search process. You are encouraged to consult them as you write your CV or cover letter, prepare for an interview, job fairs. Click here.

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