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Please refer to the Document Requests section for links to:

For internship applications and submissions, please refer to the internship postings page.

For funding applications and submissions, please refer to the funding page.

For ARIA applications and submissions, please refer to the ARIA page.

The Arts Internship Office will not sign documents regarding proof of enrolment. In order to request, please see Proof of enrolment letter. The letter can be printed directly from Minerva (these are considered official, are widely acceptable, and bear the registrar's signature and the university seal).


The Faculty of Arts Internship Handbook is designed to outline the steps to take to ensure your success as an intern. It contains the administrative guidelines and the forms you are required to submit as part of your internship. Applicable to all Arts students receiving academic credit, recognition on the McGill Co-Curricular Record or a Faculty of Arts Internship Award.

* Last edit on March 26, 2024 (page 7)

Consent Form

The Consent Form gives McGill University the right to use, reproduce, distribute, and broadcast student’s final reports and photos. 

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