ARIA How To Apply

How to Apply

  • Students and supervising professors: Complete and sign the application form (copy your full application mail into a Word document, covert it to PDF, and have it signed by yourself, your supervisor and department head of your supervisor. Please clearly include the titles, printed names and signatures at the end of application and mail it to aio [at]
  • Students: Include a copy of your official transcript with the application. 
  • Any questions can be directed to theaio [at] ( Arts Internship Office).

Application Form and Deadline

DEADLINE: February 27, 2022 at 11:59 PM (EST)

Fill out this form to get started.

Digital Signatures or Email Approvals

We accept digital signatures or email approvals given the current situation.

For Digital Signatures, in Adobe, there is an option to upload the personal signature (by signing a blank sheet, scanning and uploading). This option is preferable, however digitally signed documents will be accepted.

For Email Approvals, the Supervisor/Chair must indicate the following in the email:

“I certify that I have reviewed the attached ARIA application of XX (student's name) and that the content is legitimate, appropriate, reasonable. ”

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