ARIA How To Apply

How to Apply

  • Students and supervising professors: Complete and sign the following ARIA application form: ARIA Web Form
  • Once you have submitted the ARIA application form:

    1. Download the full application into a PDF document (by clicking "Print or get PDF of answers" found in post-submission page),

    2. Send the PDF to your Supervising Professor and instruct to review and share with Department Chair/Head,

    3. Have your Supervising Professor submit the application by email to aio [at] with the Department Chair/Head CC'd and to include the following message: “I certify that I have reviewed the attached ARIA application of (student's name) and that the content is legitimate, appropriate and reasonable. I also agree to match the $2,500 financial contribution from the Faculty of Arts if this project is chosen for an ARIA.”

  • Any questions can be directed to theaio [at] ( Arts Internship Office).

Application Form and Deadline

DEADLINE: February 25, 2024 at 11:59 PM (EST)

Fill out this form to get started:

What to Prepare

  • Your personal and academic info
  • Unofficial transcript uploaded as a PDF or JPG, named in the format "lastname.firstname_transcript".
  • Faculty supervisor's information. Please note only one application per faculty supervisor may be submitted.
  • McGill Fund or Grant number The fund from which the professor has agreed to issue the award, please ask your supervisor for this information. Please also make sure that your supervisor agrees to contribute $2,500 (from a grant) towards the research internship award. The research award should be processed using BSA (
  • Project title and description (This section should be completed by the faculty supervisor) - 750 words max.- Provide a summary of your proposal written in clear, plain language. It should be written in non-technical terms and be clearly understood by a range of audiences with varied areas of expertise. Clearly include the following: 1) the overall goal and objectives of the ARIA project, 2) the student's roles, 3) the learning goals and outcomes for the student, 4) the relevance of the research to the student’s academic program, 5) the faculty supervisor's mentorship role.
  • Proposed start and end date Students will be expected to dedicate a maximum of 11 weeks to the internship
  • Number of hours per week A maximum of 25-30 hours per week. Projects that require over 30 hours per week will not be accepted.
  • Proposed weekly internship schedule and supervisor meeting schedule (e.g. Monday through Friday, 10am-3pm; weekly Wednesday meetings with supervisor via Zoom) Please review project timeline to ensure sufficient time is allocated to allow for project completion.
  • Details on location, travel and accommodations (if applicable) 
    • If your project requires travel outside of Canada, please refer to the "Travel" tab on our pageWe recommend completing Pre-departure 3-6 months prior to departure for your international activity. 
    • You will be required to download the certificate of completion in your application.

Students and Faculty supervisors will be informed of results by March 29, 2024.

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