Plan of Study

The Bachelor of Social Work is awarded upon successful completion of 90 credits of BSW Program approved courses taken, full-time, over three academic years.

  • 63 credits from required social work courses (this includes Field Placement Courses)
  • 6 credits from complementary social work courses
  • 15 complementary credits from social science courses. (Of these credits, at least 6 credits from 300-level courses or higher or 9 credits from courses within the same discipline regardless of level).
  • 6 elective credits from courses taken outside of social work from any academic faculty and any department.

Please refer to BSW Approved Social Sciences, Humanities, Literature & Civilization Complementary Courses and/or Electives for more information.  

Students interested in graduate studies are strongly recommended to complete a statistics course during their undergraduate studies.

A maximum of 6 credits of elective courses taught through online education may be used towards your Bachelor of Social Work degree at McGill.   See Online Education. 

Inter-University Transfer

BSW Students interested in taking courses at other Quebec institutions must apply for an Inter-University Transfer.  Please refer to for more information.  NB: On the IUT form, the "Program of Study" box is not to be filled in as "School of Social Work", but rather indicate the McGill department that will be asked to approve the desired course as being equivalent to a McGill course, eg. SOCI 212 (Concordia) would be reviewed by the Sociology department (McGill).  IUT credits can only be applied to social science complementary credits and/or elective credits.  Please note that a maximum of 30 credits can be taken outside of the School of Social Work.