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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do applicants submit their supporting documents?

Undergraduate applicants can upload their supporting documents in their Minerva account (if applicable). External test results must be sent to McGill electronically from the issuing institution. Applicants applying from a high school in Canada (outside of Ontario and Quebec) must self-report their grades in Minerva. Instructions for all undergraduate applicants are provided on the Applying to Undergraduate Studies website. 

How can an applicant confirm if their documents have been received?

Applicants can track the status of their application and receipt of their documents in their Minerva checklist. The admissions team will review their file and update the applicant's checklist if additional information is needed. Instructions can be found on the Applying to Undergraduate Studies website. 

When are admission decisions released?

Decisions are made on a rolling basis during the period posted on the Applying to Undergraduate Studies website.

What does this admission decision mean?

The terminology used for admission decisions is explained in detail on the Applying to Undergraduate Studies website.

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