Uploading documents

Uploading your supporting documents:

If eligible, you are strongly encouraged to upload your supporting documents rather than mailing or faxing them.

Uploading your documents saves the time, effort and expense of mailing transcripts and supporting documents to us during the initial processing and review of your application. It avoids delays normally incurred in the processing of paper documentation, allows you to associate your documents with the correct application and requirement, and assures you that your documents have been received. It can also speed up the review of your application so that you can obtain an admission decision sooner.

Do not mail or fax a copy of the documents that you have already uploaded to your application—doing so will slow down the review of your application.


How to upload your documents on Minerva

Once all your documents are ready, you can upload them to your application on Minerva.

  1. Log in to Minerva using your ID number and your PIN.

    Once you have completed an admissions application, you will receive an e-mail containing details on how to access Minerva.

  2. Select the Applicant menu.

  3. Select Admissions Application Status.

    You can view your application details under Applications Processed and Under Review.

  4. Choose an application.

    Select your application of interest under the Admission Term link as shown below.

Applications Processed and Under Review                                   

Admission Term



Major or Subject

Date Created

Fall 2012 Faculty of Arts B Arts Freshman Program Sept 06, 2011

On Application and Documentation Status page

  1. Click to enlarge

    Review the summary of your application, which includes a Checklist section showing supporting documents required (see example at right). An upload link will appear only for documents that can be uploaded on Minerva.


  2. Choose a checklist requirement and click the Upload link. This brings you to the Admissions Document Upload page, which displays information about the document you are uploading as well as the size, format and number of versions allowed, as shown below.

Checklist Information
Special Instructions:
Document will be attached to:
Number of versions allowed:
Maximum Size:
File formats allowed:
Autobiographical Letter 
Not Applicable
All your program choices for Fall 2012.
Single version – no updates are allowed.

There may be a delay, particularly during busy periods, between when you upload your document(s) and when the respective checklist items are updated in Minerva. System maintenance and downtimes may also keep your documents "In progress" for longer than usual. If you encounter difficulties with uploading your documents, or if your submitted documents stay "In progress" for several working days, please contact Service Point for assistance.


There are three steps in the upload process. For detailed instructions on how to complete the steps, click Help (example) in the menu or click on the "?" icon.

Once you have successfully uploaded your documents you will need to check your application status regularly. If there is an issue with a document you uploaded you will see a message (example) and will have to upload a new document. You must resubmit the document as soon as possible to avoid jeopardizing the review of your application.

Once a decision has been made on your file, document uploading will be more restricted.



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If you need to speak with a McGill representative, Service Point can help. Be sure to check out Service Pointers – their helpful tips on applying to McGill!