Self-reporting for high schools in Canada (outside Quebec and Ontario)

You must self-report your grades unless:

  • You are applying to the Schulich School of Music or Religious Studies (consult Faculty websites).
  • You are completing a Canadian high school diploma outside Canada (you must upload your academic documents).
  • You completed high school more than 5 years ago.
  • You have completed only one year of high school in Canada.
  • You have completed or are completing less than ten academic courses.
  • You are completing a post-grad year, or taking additional courses after graduation.


  • Use the web form in the Minerva Applicant Menu.  The form will only be open during the two self-reporting periods (consult "Self-Reporting Periods" below for details).
  • You can only submit self-reported grades once per period.
  • You must report all your Grade 11 and Grade 12 level courses regardless of the year in which they were completed.
  • You must report grades for all courses completed and in progress.
  • You are required to report grades for failed courses; for repeated courses you must report each attempt.
  • If you need to make corrections or delete a course after submitting your self-reported-grades, complete the online request form.  If you require further assistance, contact Service Point.
  • Do not send paper transcripts.

Self-Reporting periods: Early and Regular

  • The early self-reporting period begins on January 6th and is optional. No refusals are made during the early self-reporting period.
  • Applicants will not be penalized should they choose to wait for the Regular Self-Reporting period.
  • If you do not receive a decision during the early self-reporting period, your application status will be changed to 'incomplete.' You must then self-report updated grades during the regular self-reporting period.
Self-reporting period dates What to self-report Estimated dates for posting of admission decisions
Early self-reporting period (optional) January 6 to February 1 (inclusive)

All Grade 11 and 12 course grades as they appear on your transcript or report card.

Each result must be reported as either:

  • an interim grade (grade on your most recent school transcript or report card), or
  • a completed course grade, or
  • “grade not available”
Middle of January to end of February (consult Estimated Dates for full details)
Regular self-reporting period (mandatory) March 1 to May 1 (inclusive)

All Grade 11 and 12 courses.

All results must be reported as either:

  • an interim grade (consult the "Interim Grades" table below), or
  • a completed course grade

“Grade not available” cannot be selected in this period.

Beginning of March to end of April   (consult Estimated Dates for full details)

Interim grades

The grades to be submitted as interim grades depend on how many terms (or semesters) your school has per year.

Terms per year Interim Grades
Two terms First term
Three terms First two terms
Four terms First two terms
Two semesters First semester finals and second semester mid-terms


  • All self-reported grades will eventually be verified against official grades from your school.
  • In case of a discrepancy between self-reported and official grades, the latter will be taken as the official version.
  • Admission decisions based on self-reported grades are subject to change without notice on the basis of official grades. In cases of significant discrepancies, the applicant may be required to provide an explanation.


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