Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) is the Canadian federal funding agency that promotes and supports basic university research and partnered-project research in the natural sciences and engineering.

Funding Opportunities

For an overview of the main NSERC funding opportunities, see OSR’s Table of Agency Programs. For more information on NSERC funding opportunities, please see their Grants Programs Overview page.

Research services and support for NSERC funding opportunities requiring industry participation are provided by the Industry Partnership team, and by OSR for all other NSERC opportunities.

OSR Services 

OSR provides a wide range of services and resources to support applications from McGill researchers to NSERC, such as application guides, workshops, lending library of successful applications, and grant review services.

Applying for NSERC Funding

Application systems (forms and instructions): 

  • NSERC Research Portal: for Discovery Grants (DG) and Research Tools and Instruments (RTI). The Canadian Common CV must be completed separately and then linked to the application form. For instructions on completing, submitting and uploading the NSERC CCV, please consult the following page.
  • NSERC On-line Services: for everything else, including Engage Grants, CRDs, IRCs, and CREATE. The Web-based CV (form 100) must also be completed through this system.

Online submission process:

  • Upon submission in either system, the application comes to OSR or to the Industry Partnerships Team for review. The Officer will either return the application to you for editing, or forward the application to NSERC after receipt of a completed OSR checklist.

Applicant eligibility:

  • Consult NSERC Eligibility Criteria for Faculty and the Eligibility section of the funding opportunity guidelines to ensure that your affiliation and/or position would make you eligible to apply. Postdoctoral researchers, academic associates and faculty lecturers should contact OSR for details on eligibility implications and internal procedures before initiating an application. Researchers whose work overlaps with research areas typically supported by CIHR or SSHRC should consult SSHRC’s subject matter eligibility guidelines and NSERC’s addendum to ensure that the proposed project is aligned with NSERC’s mandate, and contact OSR for more information.

Administrative guidelines:

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