Genome Canada

Genome Canada is a not-for-profit organization, which acts as a catalyst for developing and applying genomics and genomic-based technologies to create economic and social benefits for Canadians. Partnering with six Genome Centres and other stakeholders, Genome Canada invests in and manages large-scale, interdisciplinary research projects in key sectors, such as health, agriculture and agri-food, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, environment, energy and mining. Genome Canada also supports research projects aimed at studying and analyzing the ethical, environmental, economic, legal and social issues related to genomics research (GE3LS). All research projects, with few exceptions, require co-funding from other parties, including provincial governments, universities, the private sector, and other national and international organizations.

Genome Canada supports 10 technology platforms with a total of approximately $133 million, including co-funding, over five years (2017-22). The platforms provide the research community with access to leading-edge genomics technologies, including fee-for-service DNA sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics, phenomics and bioinformatics. They foster environments of excellence in technology development, training, experimental design, methods development and analytics. McGill is the host and major contributor to one of these technology platform services: McGill Genome Centre.

For the general guidelines and current competitions funded by Genome Canada, please consult the Genome Canada website. All requests for project support must be submitted to Genome Canada through a Genome Centre.

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