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Innovation + Partnerships

The Office of Innovation + Partnerships (I+P) is the focal point at McGill University for the mobilization of research from the laboratory into the real world. Mobilization can take many forms: commercialization, licensing, patenting, and partnering with industry, among others.

Our team is composed of subject-area specialists – many of whom are scientists themselves – who work with researchers to identify potential use cases for their discoveries, and who cultivate relationships with industry to facilitate collaborations capable of producing true added value for both partners. The unit is divided into three main pillars: Technology TransferIndustry Partnerships, and Industry Liaison.

Technology Transfer

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The process of moving research out of the laboratory and into society.

Industry Partnerships

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Our team has years of experience working with businesses.

Industry Liaison

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Fostering collaborations between industry partners and academic researchers

McGill Innovation Fund

The MIF is a strategic support mechanism that is focused on providing to the McGill community the ability to accelerate the development of their invention or company. The overall goal of the MIF is to facilitate entrepreneurial activity that will advance a technology or product toward real world impact, be it commercial, social, or environmental. 

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