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Leadership Team

Contact Responsibilities Email
Martha Crago
Vice-Principal, Research + Innovation
  martha.crago [at]
Philippe Gros
Deputy Vice-Principal, Research and Innovation

Innovation and partnership initiatives; large-scale national and international research initiatives

philippe.gros [at]
Alternate Email: karen.kinsella [at]
Roman Szumski
Special Advisor to the Vice-Principal

Public and Life Science Policy and Business Development

roman.szumski [at]
Debra Titone
Associate Vice-Principal, Research
  debra.titone [at]
Alternate Emails: avptitone.vpri [at]; karen.kinsella [at]
Benoit Boulet
Associate Vice-Principal, Innovation + Partnerships
  benoit.boulet [at]
Alternate Emails: avpboulet.vpri [at]; karen.kinsella [at]
Cecile Baccanale
Associate Vice-Principal, Research & University Veterinarian
  cecile.baccanale [at]
Alternate Email: yaminee.patel [at]
Kristina Öhrvall
Assistant Vice-Principal, Research Development
  kristina.ohrvall [at]
Alternate Email: karen.kinsella [at]


Office of the Vice-Principal, Research + Innovation

The Office of the Vice-Principal, Research + Innovation (R+I) provides central services to the entire R+I team and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of R+I. These services include Finance, HR, and administrative support for the VP, AVPs and Directors. In addition, the Unit oversees internal and external communications on behalf of the office as well as in related portfolios.

Contact Responsibilities Email
Daniela Frischer
Director, Operations
Operations, Human Resources, Finance daniela.frischer [at]
Assistant to the Vice-Principal

Assistant to the Vice-Principal

Karen Kinsella
Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant to Associate VPs, Assistant VP, Deputy VP, and Special Advisors to the VP

karen.kinsella [at]
Yaminee Patel
Administrative Assistant
Assistant to the Associate Vice-Principal, Research & University Veterinarian yaminee.patel [at]
Administrative Assistant
Meaghan Thurston
Associate Director, Research Communications and Marketing

Associate Director

meaghan.thurston [at]
Robin Koning
Communications and Marketing Officer
Beatty Lecture, special projects, event coordination, written communications robin.koning [at]
Amanda Testani
Digital Communications and Marketing Associate

Social media, website administration (R+I), event coordination, Bravo Gala, written communications

amanda.testani [at]
Marc-Étienne Rousseau
Director, Research Software
Director marc.rousseau [at]
Biru Zhou
Senior Advisor, Research Data Management
  biru.zhou [at]
Claire Burrows
Digital Research Services Support Specialist
  claire.burrows [at]
Finance Administrator
Tina Venetis
Senior Financial Officer
  tina.venetis [at]
Ourania Atsaidis
Human Resources Advisor
  ourania.atsaidis [at]
Dalia San Martin
Human Resources Administrator
  dalia.sanmartin [at]
Meredith Chatman
Prizes and Awards Officer

All Disciplines

meredith.chatman [at]
Nathalie Foisset
Associate Director
Associate Director nathalie.foisset [at]
Candace Miller
Associate Director, Research Analysis
  candace.miller [at]
Dora Iordan
Associate Director, Research Development
  minodora.iordan [at]
Victor Arshad
Senior Advisor Research Development
  victor.shahsavar-arshad [at]
Josie Cinelli
Finance Grants Officer
  josie.cinelli [at]
Ana Dadunashvili
Finance Grants Officer
  ana.dadunashvili [at]
José Jonathas de Lira
Grants Officer
  jose.delira [at]
Maryam Ebrahimi
Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives
  maryam.ebrahimi [at]
Romina Teran Gandolfo
Manager Finance
  romina.teran [at]
Julien Gibon
Senior Advisor, Research Development
  julien.gibon [at]

Tracy-Ann Leith (On Leave)
Administrative Coordinator

  tracy-ann.leith [at]
Guillaume Lesage
Grants Officer
  guillaume.lesage [at]
Randall Little (On Leave)
Senior Advisor CFI-CRC, Strategic Initiatives
CFI-CRC randall.little [at]
Magdalena Maslowska
Senior Advisor, Research Development (Biomedical and Health Sciences)
Research Development (Biomedical and Health Sciences) magdalena.maslowska [at]
Gina Porter
Grants Officer
Callan Ross-Sheppard
Strategic Initiatives Analyst
  callan.ross-sheppard [at]


Office of Sponsored Research

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is the central office that provides strategic advice and assistance to the McGill academic community in securing and managing research funding from granting agencies, foundations, governments, and other not-for-profit sponsors. OSR also supports researchers in the negotiation and acceptance of the terms and conditions of their research awards.

Contact Responsibilities Email
General OSR inquiries General inquiries:  info.osr [at]
Carole Goutorbe
Director, Office of Sponsored Research
Director carole.goutorbe [at]
Lauren Clark
Senior Advisor

Operational oversight, reporting, and communications

lauren.clark [at]
Jenna Davies
Grants Administrator
  jenna.davies [at]
Vera Milbradt (On Leave)
Research Administrative Officer
  vera.milbradt [at]
Jennifer Callaghan
Grants Administrator
  jennifer.callaghan [at]
Michael Guadagno
Grants Administrator
  michael.guadagno [at]
Kathleen Therrien
Grants Administrator
  kathleen.therrien [at]
Ji Eun Lee
Agreements Officer
  ji.eun.lee [at]
General award-related inquiries General inquiries: Awards Management awards.osr [at]
Martyn Liness
Associate Director
Research Asset Disposal, University Advancement Research Gifts martyn.liness [at]
Marie-Ève Couture
Senior Awards & US Federal Compliance Officer


marie-eve.couture2 [at]
Maria Capizzi
Awards Officer
NSERC, Mitacs, Natural Sciences and Engineering sponsors maria.capizzi [at]
Diane Farhat
Senior Awards & Compliance Officer
CRCs, NFRF, Tri-Agency and Québec sponsors, Research Compliance diane.farhat [at]
Rosa Maria Greco
Awards Officer
Industry, Social Sciences and Humanities sponsors, CARIC/CRIAQ, Prizes rosa.maria.greco [at]
Sarah Kaderabek
Awards Officer
D2R/HBHL/CFREF, Genome, Changes in Investigator Status sarah.kaderabek [at]
Florise Lam
Awards Officer
NIH/EU/international programs, Biomedical and Health Sciences sponsors (Brain Canada, Health Canada, PHAC) florise.lam.tsang.on [at]
Jennifer Nemes (On Leave)
Awards Administrator
CIHR and SSHRC, Biomedical and Health Sciences sponsors jennifer.nemes [at]
Dalia Soliman
Awards Officer
FRQ, Québec ministries and consortia dalia.soliman [at]
Janie Kwan
Director, Data Management and Administration janie.kwan [at]
Timothy Capper
Administration Coordinator
Data Maintenance timothy.capper [at]
Erin Keenan
Administrative Coordinator
  erin.keenan [at]
Leisa Smith
Research Data Officer
  leisa.smith [at]
Barbara Wong
Administrative Coordinator
Data Maintenance barbara.wong [at]
Ken Wong
Systems Support Officer
  ken.wong [at]
Jeffrey Zhu
Software Support and Data Administrator
  jeffrey.zhu [at]
Rupa Narasimhadevara
Associate Director
Associate Director rupa.narasimhadevara [at]
Catherine Karelis
Grants and Agreements Officer
  catherine.karelis [at]
Joanna Mastalerek
Senior Grants and Agreements Officer
  joanna.mastalerek [at]
Michelle Picard-Aitken
Senior Grants and Agreements Officer
  michelle.picard-aitken [at]
Preeti Purba-Singh
Grants and Agreements Officer
  preeti.purba-singh [at]
Katarina Stojkovic
Grants and Agreements Officer
  katarina.stojkovic [at]
Biljana Vasilevska
Grants and Agreements Officer
  biljana.vasilevska [at]
Agnes Wong
Senior Grants and Agreements Officer
  agnes.wong2 [at]


Office of Innovation + Partnerships

The Office of Innovation + Partnerships assists McGill's research community in securing funded research contracts and industrial partnership opportunities governed by agreements with both private and public sponsors. Unit personnel facilitate and manage the transfer of knowledge stemming from research endeavours undertaken by McGill's faculty members.

Contact Responsibilities Email
General inquiries

General inquiries: Innovation + Partnerships

innovation.vpip [at]
Mark Weber

Director, Innovation + Partnerships

mark.weber2 [at]
Arina de Leeuw
Innovation and Partnerships Administrator
  arina.deleeuw [at]
Junji Nishihata
Senior Communications Advisor
  junji.nishihata [at]
Kathleen Wilken
Finance Officer


kathy.wilken [at]
Giovanna Sebastiani
Associate Director

Associate Director, Industry Partnerships

giovanna.sebastiani [at]
Agapi Agapitos
Industry Partnerships Officer
  agapi.agapitos [at]
Julia Carvalho
Senior Industry Partnerships Officer


julia.carvalho [at]
Rina Cohen
Industry Partnerships Officer
  rina.cohen [at]
Celine Krystal Coletta
Industry Partnerships Officer
  celine.coletta [at]
Daina Leimanis
Senior Industry Partnerships Officer
  daina.leimanis [at]
Jana Porubska
Senior Industry Partnerships Officer
Faculty of Engineering jana.porubska [at]
Julie Vallée
Senior Industry Partnerships Officer
Faculty of Engineering Julie.vallee [at]
Filipe Werneck
Senior Industry Partnerships Officer
  filipe.werneck [at]
Eduardo Ganem-Cuenca
Associate Director
Associate Director, Industry Liaison eduardo.ganemcuenca [at]
Vivian Diniz
Business Development Officer
  vivian.diniz [at]
Julie Mouzakiotis-Paquin
Senior Industry Liaison Officer
Medicine & Health Science julia.mouzakiotis-paquin [at]
Janet Prince
Senior Industry Liaison Officer
Medicine & Health Science janet.prince [at]
Adam Turcotte
Industry Liaison Officer
  adam.turcotte [at]
Christina-Maria Katsari
Mitacs Representative at McGill

Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science: Department of Computer Science, Schulich School of Music

ckatsari [at] mitacs.cadcaramori [at] (
Noha Gerges
Mitacs Representative at McGill

Desautels Faculty of Management, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Law

ngerges [at]
Prisca Bustamante
Mitacs Representative at McGill

Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Faculty of Science (except the Department of Computer Science)

palvarez [at]
Technology Transfer
Olivia Novac
Associate Director
Associate Director, Technology Transfer olivia.e.novac [at]
Sarah Butcher
Technology Transfer Manager
  sarah.butcher [at]
Jarred Chicoine
Technology Transfer Manager
Medicine, life sciences jarred.chicoine [at]
Chris Corkery
Technology Transfer Manager
  chris.corkery [at]
Lotfi Kesraoui
Technology Transfer Manager
  lotfi.kesraoui [at]
James Mehta
Technology Transfer Manager
Engineering james.mehta [at]
Nancy Penate
Patent Portfolio Manager
  nancy.penate [at]
Astrid Reimann
Technology Evaluation Manager
  astrid.reimann [at]
Francesco Tordini
Technology Transfer Manager
Engineering francesco.tordini [at]
Sylvie Toulmond
Technology Transfer Manager
Medicine, life sciences sylvie.toulmond [at]
Research Security and Compliance
Cristobal Ovejero Sagarzazu
Associate Director

Associate Director, Research Security & Compliance

security.compliance [at]
Albert Abaunza
Export Controls & Safety Officer
  albert.l.abaunza [at]
Santana-Catherine Boisvert
Compliance Officer
  santana-catheri.boisvert [at]
Andrew Renahan
License & Partnership Compliance Officer
  andrew.renahan [at]


Office of Research Ethics + Compliance

The Office of Research Ethics + Compliance serves researchers working with human participants or animals. McGill follows strict research integrity standards. McGill also cultivates and reinforces a culture that enables its members to identify and resolve conflicts of interest with the support and guidance of the administration and their units.

Contact Responsibilities Email

Director, Animal Compliance

Lynda McNeil
Associate Director, Research Ethics

Associate Director, Research Ethics + Research with Human Participants

lynda.mcneil [at]
General Inquiries General Inquiries: Animal Compliance animalcare [at]
Lori Ann Burgess
Quality Assistance Advisor
  lori.burgess [at]
Veronica Ferraro
Ethics Review Administrator
  veronica.ferraro [at]
Kathy Forner
Quality Assistance Advisor
  kathy.forner2 [at]
Jennifer Henri
Animal Care Training Advisor

Animal Care Training

jennifer.henri2 [at]
Tanya Koch
Quality Assistance Advisor
  tanya.koch [at]
Cynthia Lavoie
Quality Assistance Advisor
  animal.approvals [at]
Allison Martel
Administrative Assistant


allison.martel [at]
Devon Merza
Animal Training Program Advisor

devon.merza2 [at]

Bruna Morocutti
Quality Assistance Advisor
  bruna.morocutti [at]
Stephane Ouimette
Data Administrator and Software Support
Animal Compliance, Research with Human Participants stephane.ouimette [at]
Meghan Reid-Burdon
Animal Ethics Compliance Administrator

meghan.reid-burdon [at]

Sabina Santamaria
Animal Trainer Program Advisor
  sabina.santamaria [at]
Deanna Collin
Ethics Officer
General Inquiries deanna.collin [at]
Georgia Kalavritinos
Ethics Review Administrator
  georgia.kalavritinos [at]
Stephane Ouimette
Data Administrator and Software Support
Animal Compliance, Research with Human Participants stephane.ouimette [at]
Daniel Tesolin
Ethics Officer
  daniel.tesolin [at]
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