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Under the leadership of the Vice-President, Martha Crago, Research and Innovation (R+I) promotes and advances research across McGill, through service to the research community.

Research and Innovation (R+I) is responsible for the promotion and advancement of research across McGill and serves the research community in a variety of ways. Specifically, R+I directs the University’s overall institutional research mandate, manages the support services framework for research initiatives, and oversees outreach to key international institutions.

Throughout the R+I portfolio, particular emphasis is placed on the cultivation, development, and support of interdisciplinary research initiatives and innovation.

Leadership Team

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Learn more about McGill R+I's research performance, major projects, reports, and policies.

Centres and Facilities

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Learn about McGill's various Research Centres, Facilities, Hospitals, and Chairs.

Strategic Research Plan

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Learn more about R+I's focus on research and innovation through our strategic research plan (SRP).

Research Advisory Council

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The Research Advisory Council (RAC) is the primary forum for exchange, discussion, and updates on University-wide research related dossiers between the Office of McGill Research and Innovation, the hospital Research Institutes, and the Faculties.

DNA to RNA (D2R) Initiative

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An inclusive Canadian approach to genomic-based RNA therapeutics, seeking funding through the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF) program.

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