The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is the central office that provides comprehensive services, strategic advice, and assistance to the McGill academic community in securing and managing research funding from granting agencies, foundations, governments, and other not-for-profit sponsors. OSR also negotiates the terms and conditions of research funding and oversees institutional approval/signature. 

OSR Grants and Agreements

The OSR Grants and Agreements team advertises funding sources and opportunities, reviews grant applications, supports proposal development for research funding, and drafts, reviews, and negotiates research contracts and agreements. The OSR Grants and Agreements team also provides an institutional signature on grant applications, agreements, and contracts submitted by McGill researchers.


OSR Awards Management

The OSR Awards Management team reviews the terms of awarded grants, contracts and agreements before they are accepted and a fund is approved, monitors ethical and other compliance requirements, and supports project implementation.


OSR Data Management

The OSR Data Management team provides general administrative and IT support to Research and Innovation, maintains university research information systems, including the R+I Funding Opportunities Database, generates research reports, and ensures the integrity of university research data.

Professor Tomislav Friscic in a lab coat holding up a vial to the camera

Working with OSR

OSR supports McGill researchers throughout the research administration process, from proposal development and submission to award approval and management.

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