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Services for Researchers and Administrators

The Vice-Principal, Research and Innovation (R+I), which includes the Offices of Sponsored Research, Research Ethics and Compliance, and Innovation and Partnerships, is the support hub for McGill's research activities. Working in partnership with McGill's Faculties and Schools, R+I provides researchers with strategic information, resources and tools to succeed in their endeavors. We also provide strategy for major research initiatives and support international partnerships.

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Ethics + Compliance

For researchers working with human participants or animals, or who deal with radioactive or biohazardous materials.

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Preparing a Proposal

Navigate the process of preparing applications, proposals and contract bids.

Researchers who identify a need for research infrastructure funding are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to R+I

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Awards Management

Navigate the steps that follow a grant award or the signing of an agreement or contract.

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Contracts + Agreements

Successfully manage research activities that will generate useful and valuable intellectual property. 

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Research Collaborations

Learn more about research partnerships with multinationals, universities, government or non-profit organizations, as well as start-ups.

Research Administration Network (RAN)

RAN helps McGill staff improve their understanding of policies and processes involved in research administration.

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