Industry Liaison

The Industry Liaison team was created in 2019 to grow new collaborations between industry partners and academic researchers across many sectors and disciplines, as well as to expand ongoing research and innovation opportunities with our current partners. We do this by skillfully matching McGill researchers with industry partners sharing common research interests. Our extensive knowledge of research expertise at McGill and our positioning in the innovation ecosystem enables our team to be the primary point of contact for new industry partners seeking to connect with and engage in research activities, talent acquisition, and technology transfer opportunities. Similarly, we serve McGill researchers by curating industry partners and facilitating connections with them to present new frontiers in research.

As a unit within the Office of Innovation + Partnerships, the Industry Liaison team actively works with other business segments. We closely collaborate with the Industry Partnerships team to identify funding programs for industry partners and to develop non-disclosure, material transfer, and industry sponsored research agreements, in addition to clinical trials. We also work alongside the Technology Transfer team to enable technology transfer opportunities by presenting to industry partners McGill inventions and Intellectual Property that are available for licensing.

By enabling and adding value added services to interactions between McGill researchers and industry partners, we create viable routes for translating research and discoveries into products, processes, and services to benefit society and ecosystems, while enhancing teaching and research activities at McGill.

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