Managing Stress


We all face demands in our life that cause “stress”. A certain amount of stress is good for us and can create an incentive to change. However, problems can start when we feel that the demands that are being placed on us exceed our ability to deal with them. 
Take a relaxing time out to better understand what stress is and the impact that it has on you and your team. Recognize the current stressors in your work life. Learn some strategies and techniques to help you better manage your stress today, and limit the impact of stress in the months ahead. 

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the differences between stress, anxiety, and burn-out;
  • Learn about the physiological and psychological reactions we experience during stressful times;
  • Identify individual and organizational variables that could impact our stress levels; and
  • Learn techniques and strategies to deal with stress.


For Clerical and Technical Staff: Click here to register.


For Management and Excluded Staff: Click here to register.

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