Managing Conflict



Conflict is a normal part of everyday life with opportunities for creativity and growth. Yet when left unmanaged, conflict can negatively impact productivity, engagement and overall wellness in our workplace.

Learning to manage ourselves (our needs, values, hot buttons…) and our relationships can go a long way in increasing trust and avoiding needless escalations and stress.

This interactive workshop is designed to equip participants with a greater appreciation for differences and understanding of 5 conflict styles. They’ll more readily explore their options in the face of conflict, and gain tools to manage conflict more effectively in their workplace.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Increased comfort and confidence in identifying potential sources of conflict and managing differences;
  • Greater understanding of their own responses to conflict and when to adapt or change styles to achieve better outcomes;
  • Ways to turn conflict into collaboration, supporting psychological safety on their teams; and
  • Knowledge of support structures within the McGill community to help deal with difficult situations.
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