Seeking Readmission

  • Students who wish to complete their undergraduate degree after an absence of one or more academic terms must submit a readmission application on Minerva. Readmission is not automatic or guaranteed. If you no longer have access to Minerva, you will need to contact Service Point to be reactivated.
  • Submit only one application for the BA degree. Do not submit multiple applications with various programs. If you are considering a program change, this may be possible after you have been readmitted.
  • Applications are available for the following start terms only: Summer or Fall (not Winter) - see table below for the application dates.
  • Newly admitted students who withdrew from the University before the withdrawal with refund deadline need to re-apply through Admissions. Refer to for more information.

  • If you are readmitted after a period of absence, you are normally subject to the program and degree requirements in effect at the time of readmission. For more information about programs of study, consult this website.
  • You are considered a second degree student if you have completed a previous degree at McGill University or if, during an interruption of McGill studies, you completed an undergraduate degree at another recognized university/institution. Applications for a second degree in the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and questions about eligibility and program choices (based on the program(s) you completed in your previous undergraduate degree) must be made directly to McGill University, Enrolment Services. Please go to for more information. Please note that students may not be admitted to a second Bachelor degree in the same discipline.
  • Refer to your unofficial transcript on Minerva to view your academic standing and any holds present on your account.
  • Students who are in Unsatisfactory Standing must submit a readmission application on Minerva. Please refer to the section Unsatisfactory Standing in the Application procedures below.
  • Please note that readmission decisions are made independently of financial information. If you owe outstanding fees or fines to the University, you will not be permitted to register until the hold(s) has been resolved even if readmission has been granted.
  • Tuition: If you are readmitted, your rate of tuition may be different from when you last were enrolled at McGill. For more information, be sure to visit Student Accounts.
  • International Students: Consult the Minerva "View your Tuition and Legal Status" page to see if your record at McGill reflects your most recent immigration status in Canada. If you are an international student, you must possess valid legal documents for the duration of your remaining studies at McGill. For more information, visit legal documents. For assistance please contact International Student Services.

Application Dates

To begin your studies in the Summer term Readmission module opens: March 1
Deadline to apply: June 10
To begin your studies in the Fall term Readmission module opens: March 1
Deadline to apply: July 15
Arts does not accept applications for Winter term ---

Application Procedures

  • Login to Minerva and Select: Students > Student Records Menu > Faculty Transfer & Readmission Menu;
  • Under "Student Comments" you must state the reason(s) for your absence from the University, give a summary of your activities during that period and provide your current email address if your McGill email is inactive. If this section is left blank, your application will be cancelled and you will be asked to submit a new one;
  • Depending on your situation, you may need to provide additional information before submitting your request, refer to sections 1 to 4 below;
  • Submit your request;
  • When your application is being reviewed, the status will change from “submitted” to “incomplete”, read the comments in the readmission module as we might request additional information and/or documents;
  • Check the status of your application regularly. When a final decision has been made (“faculty approved” or “faculty refused”), you will be notified by email;
  • It is MANDATORY to accept or decline the readmission offer on MINERVA within three weeks or your application will be cancelled;
  • You will be able to register for courses when registration opens for that term; For Summer please go here. For Fall courses, you must register for at least one course to avoid late registration fees.

  • If you have any general questions about the application process, please contact: advisor.arts [at]

Students in Satisfactory Academic Standing

Who withdrew for medical reasons

  • If you left the University for Medical Reasons, indicate it under "Student Comments”. Submit supporting documentation confirming that you are ready to resume your studies within a month or your application will be cancelled;
  • Submit your completed PDF iconHealthcare Provider Approval Form and/or medical note to advisor.arts [at] with the subject line: *READMISSION DOCUMENT – MED NOTE - YOUR NAME AND McGILL ID NUMBER*

Who are planning to pursue an independent study away

  • Important Note: All study abroad activities for Fall 2020 AND Winter 2021 are suspended.
  • If you are planning to pursue an Independent Study Away in the semester in which you are applying for readmission, indicate it in the “Student Comments”;
  • Include the name of the host university you plan to attend, confirming that the school is on our list of approved host universities. Once your readmission has been “Faculty-Approved”, you must accept the readmission offer before you can proceed with a Minerva Study Away Application by the required deadline.

Students in Unsatisfactory Academic Standing

Under "Student Comments" you must:

  • Describe the extenuating circumstances that affected your academic performance. Please consult the Guide for self assessment of past academic performance first as this may help you describe your situation and improve your performance if readmitted. You can also use the Tips for writing an academic appeal to complete this section of the application.
  • Explain how the problems you experienced would be under control or no longer applicable if you were readmitted;
  • If you left for medical reasons, please submit your completed PDF iconHealthcare Provider Approval Form and/or medical note to advisor.arts [at] with the subject line: *READMISSION DOCUMENT – MED NOTE - YOUR NAME AND McGILL ID NUMBER* within a month or your application will be cancelled;
  • You will be contacted by a Faculty Advisor who will set up a meeting to assess your readmission request.

Students who Studied at Another University during Absence

If you studied at another university during an interruption of studies from McGill, indicate this in your Minerva readmission under ‘Student Comments’. Include the following information:

  • Name of the institution
  • Course taken or currently in progress
  • When the courses were taken. If they are in progress, when will they be completed
  • If the courses are part of a Bachelor’s program or Independent Studies

If you obtained a Bachelor’s Degree at another institution, please do not submit a Readmissions application; you must apply via Admissions. Please visit

An unofficial transcript of studies taken at another institution is acceptable pending receipt of an official transcript (if required). Submit unofficial copies of transcripts concurrently with your readmission application on Minerva to avoid a delay in the review of your application. Using your McGill email account or the current email address you provided (if your McGill email account is inactive) send the PDF attachment of your unofficial transcripts to advisor.arts [at] with the subject line: READMISSION DOCUMENT – UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT - YOUR NAME AND McGILL ID NUMBER.

Arts OASIS reserves the right to refuse to award McGill transfer credit for any studies completed at another university if these studies were not pre-approved.


Simultaneous Readmission & Inter-Faculty Transfer into Arts

Students who are withdrawn and want to apply for a transfer to the BA degree must submit a readmission request and select Arts as their Faculty; they should not be using the Inter-faculty transfer request.

For information regarding eligibility, deadlines, and procedures, please consult our Inter-Faculty Transfer page.

If you have questions, please come set up a drop-in appointment at Arts OASIS with the Inter-Faculty Transfer Coordinator or email transfer.arts [at]

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